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AI & ML: A Sort of Revolution in the Mobile realm

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Revolution For Mobile Industry

AI & ML: A Sort of Revolution in the Mobile realm

Monday January 14, 2019,

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Several companies are found investing in older technologies which sooner or later inevitably fade into the background, while the ones who undergo technological transformations to differentiate themselves can become quickly become industry pioneers. With the emergence of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, a severe transformation is witnessed in the way humans interact with machines.

Regardless of any industry- travel, entertainment, telecom, oil and gas, AI and ML have proved their worth over a past few years. Speaking of which enhancing smartphone experience turns out to be no exception for these techs. It may quite interest you to know that both Android and iOS platforms have started integrating well with AL and ML in their apps. For example, chatbots, self-driving cars, virtual assistants, etc. There was a time when these innovations were considered as a part of sci-fi movies but not anymore.

With the widespread adoption of these smart technologies, massive changes can be expected in the upcoming years. For those who aren’t much familiar with the tech must know that machine learning is a subset of the Artificial Intelligence research. Time has come where computers, gadgets, and other devices don`t require special programming to complete tasks anymore. In fact, machines can accumulate previous experience in order to make decisions, of course, the relevant ones. And maybe that’s the reason why AI and machine learning are used in the mobile app development realm. Further below I would like to mention a few activities proving what AI and ML will bring to the mobile technology.

  • Tech Giant Google launched software that uses neural networks and provides language translation. Technology is optimized for smartphones and works without any internet connection.
  • Lenovo has started working on their new smartphone that also performs without an Internet connection, executes indoor geolocation and augmented reality. By using high-speed image processing software, as well as Google software, these bizarre things are becoming possible.
  • WWDC, Apple came up with Siri SDK
  • Qualcomm introduced a new processor and software platform that support machine learning tasks such as image classification, speech recognition, and anomaly detection without a connection to a network.

How AI And ML Can Revamp Your Mobile App?

With the rise of new cognitive technology, professionals are getting better at performing tasks through the relevant exposure of data and the cluster of energy-guzzling, cloud-based computer servers outfitted with specialized processors. As a result, machines have started gaining senses; they can perceive, learn from as well as respond to their existing environment. This is indeed a huge transformation!

#1. Personalized experience

As the name itself implies, these techs can benefit you to a great extent concerning enhanced experiences. With the help of social media activity, several machine learning algorithms are found analyzing various sources of information to credit ratings and pop recommendations right onto customers’ devices. In fact, ML cannot just help you in categorizing your end users on the basis of their interest but also collect user information, and come up with a chic look for your app. Based on this info, you can come up with some unique approach so that you can hit the bull’s eye in a single go!

In other words, the tech allows you to get accurate information so that you can convey the impression that your app is really talking to them.

#2 Empowered search engines

Search engines do play a significant role in the app development space. A new method to search is introduced using images and voice instead of text mode- all thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Both iOS and Android developers have started exploring image recognition system and voice recognition systems like never before. In addition to this AI also provides app localization for enhancing the conversion rate.

#3 Relevant Ads

Do you know what the hardest part of advertising is? It needs to show the right ads to the right audience. Over the past few years, the field of advertisement is becoming more and more personalized. AI and machine learning helps several businesses target display advertisements and personalized messaging more accurately.

In addition to this, machine learning can avoid tiring customers by pushing an item they’ve just bought and likely don’t need in the near future. It also helps you generate ads drawing on data about each customer’s unique interests and buying propensities. This saves time and money and improves your brand’s reputation.

Coca-Cola as a company makes use of image recognition tech that helps them to find when people have posted images of its products or those of competitors on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. After gathering all such relevant info, the company comes up with a conclusion stating what situation turns out to be prompt customers to talk about its brand via an add or personal interaction.

#4 Security

Other than being an effective marketing tool, AI and ML can streamline and secure app authentication. All thanks to video, audio and voice recognition, things have become possible for customers to authenticate using their biometric data such as face or fingerprint. Machine learning aids you well in determining access rights for your customers as well. It’s a smart decision for any kind of mobile app.

For example, ZoOm Login and BioID, it allows its customers to log in to other websites and apps with ultra-secure easily. It may also interest you to know that it has selfie-style face authentication. BioID even offers periocular eye recognition for partially visible faces.

#5 Combined With the Internet of Things (IoT)

As I said before, Artificial Intelligence enhances communication, not between humans but other smart devices as well. Drastic changes are expected in the upcoming years because of real-time data collection and processing so that devices can function smoothly on their own. Here Internet of Things plays a crucial role.

Final Thought

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are growing at a fanatic pace. This can be exciting as well as overwhelming. Which means mobile industry requires to focus on these trending techs to stay ahead of the game. Bringing transparency and educating among clients has become a norm, so put the best foot forward!