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Amazing Action Games for iOS and Android

Amazing Action Games for iOS and Android

Tuesday April 23, 2019,

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“Action games are good or bad”- The debate is endless! A couple of months ago, I began analyzing these gaming apps that were generating the most 'noise' in the corporate digitization efforts. With the help of the following post, I simply intend to multi-fold; understand why these online games are getting a lot of press mention, and are being debated and reviewed in social media, blogs, tweets, LinkedIn groups, etc.

All this time I have heard how online games cause many mental and physical problems, even if there was a lack of scientific evidence to prove it. Like it or not, in case of any issue, humans find it easy to target technology especially games. But things have changed to a great extent, and several studies have found that online games expand the brain's cognitive abilities.

Human brains are malleable -- it learns and adapts things on a quick basis. According to several pieces of research, action games affect the brain by measuring cognitive abilities, such as perception, attention and reaction time. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that those who played for more than three hours per week made 32 percent fewer errors during practice procedures compared to their non-gaming counterparts. Other than this, dyslexics improved their reading comprehension following sessions of games heavy on action.

I personally feel that games create a world of their own. There is nothing right or wrong; it’s just everyone approaches it differently. Perhaps in this world, one can see things beyond they could have ever imagined. People’s perspective often change!

Action games For Android and iOS

Although it’s quite fascinating to find an enormous selection of games for Android and iOS platforms, it can be challenging to find the gems. Nevertheless, here are the best action games for you (for both Android and iOS) respectively.

For Android

1.PUBG Mobile- Call it the new hype, a phenomenon, or a fuss, PUBG seems to be creating a benchmark in the mobile gaming industry. So what’s so interesting about this game? Well, I would personally recommend you to land in a zone alongside 99 others in an abandoned area, collect weapons, kill enemies and be the last man standing. Here every battle is a delight in itself other than that, new maps, weapons, game modes, and character customization options are worth considering.


2.Fortnite- One of the most colorful and creative versions of PUBG featuring less realistic battle settings and more in-game content than any Android title out there. With multiple modes such as solo, duo, squad, and Playground, alongside a ton of limited time events including a 50v50 mode, big team mode and a lot more. You can ‘farm’ materials by breaking down almost everything you find on the map including trees, houses, rocks, and even cars.

3.Asphalt Xtreme- In 2019, it is considered as one of the top racing game in the game loft. There are five total game modes, over 400 races, 500 challenges, and 35 vehicles to race with more to come. It also comprises of online multiplayer where you can race against up to eight opponents.

For iOS

1.Bladebound (Free)- Another top-down, dungeon crawler with fast-paced, hack-and-slash swordplay is Bladebound. The hero is tasked with bringing light back to the world. To be precise, it's a dark and dynamic role-playing game where you have hundreds of opponents and thousands of battle attack combinations. Bladebound features a solid, story-driven plot, and spectacular, console-quality graphics.

2.Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free) - Are you in search of adrenaline-fueled, speed-racing championship series? Asphalt 8 is the one to think of when seeking the console-caliber high-speed race experience on their mobile device. It comprises of race locations spread across the globe, an assortment of wild rides to steer, and Asphalt 8's trademark high-flying aerial acrobatics. Asphalt 8 has satiated the appetites of even the most enthusiastic of console racers. It also offers competitors the ability to race opponents in real time, as they compete on national leaderboards.


3.Marvel Spider-Man Unlimited (Free)- In this game, in particular, you will be treated to an episodic storyline filled with over 200 characters from the Spider-Man universe. Featuring seven different environments with five boss battles and 25 missions per "issue" in story mode. Users can also compete on leaderboards in unlimited mode. This game is a guaranteed hit for any true-believer Spider-Man fan.

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