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Amazing Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Amazing Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Sunday March 15, 2020,

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The ecommerce industry is quite dynamic and is always evolving. Whether you are a start-up or an established business with large work-force, you must be aware of the latest ecommerce mobile app development trends to keep up with the competition. In order to beat the heat of the competition and meet customer requirements, you need to keep evolving as well.

In this post, we will share the ecommerce mobile app trends to watch out for in year 2020.

1.     IOT (Internet of Things)

IoT has already transformed our lifestyle and mobile app is not untouched either. Since, IoT is aimed at making our world a connected place; you can harness it by having personalized data for each of your customer. Machine learning can be leveraged to understand behavioral patterns easily. You can track not only online activities, but offline activities as well. By making the most of the immense potential of IoT you can make your marketing strategy efficient and robust. According to renowned ecommerce mobile app development companies, IoT devices are estimated to grow by 70 billion by the year 2025 and these stats are enough to vouch for the importance of IoT.

2.     Voice search

Voice search is on the rise already and it improves user experience by a significant margin. This will be particularly beneficial for those customers who are simply find of shopping on the go. More and more companies are incorporating voice search and voice recognition and hence if you haven’t considered including this in your strategy as yet, it is time for you to do that now.

3.     Payment options

It is true that debit and credit cards are still used the most for payment, but the payment methods you offer to your customers must not be confined to just these. Google Pay, Apple Pay and crypto currencies are quite popular and customers love to see these options on mobile apps.

4.     Blockchain

Ecommerce development companies say that Blockchain has metamorphosed the ecommerce industry as it offers plethora of benefits ranging from fast and secure transactions, eradicated financial risks and seamless operations. Interlinking of apps to a secure cloud back-end space becomes a breeze.

5.     Geofencing

This is probably a game changer in the ecommerce industry. This amazing feature facilitates location based marketing. Personalized messages can be sent to the customers and this technology works wonders for those customers who love to visually experience things before buying them.

6.      Gamification

Gamification is one of the growing trends in the ecommerce landscape and it is a creative way to get users engaged. Major ecommerce apps have already starting making the most of this technology. This technique is based on the concept of connecting incentives with actions to influence customers buying behavior in a certain way.

7.     Cross platform development

Ecommerce mobile app development companies say that cross platform apps come handy as they work wonders across all operating systems such as Android, Windows and iOS. Cross platform app development increases the speed of mobile app development which saves time and money.

8.     Search by picture

Technology is becoming sophisticated day by day and 2020 will be a year which will see quite an upsurge in the use of sophisticated technology. One such technology or trend is recognizing images. ASOS- a renowned retail ecommerce store has already started leveraging this amazing feature. Customers can simply search for products by uploading a picture which saves them a lot of time.


The ecommerce landscape is getting increasingly competitive and the pace is just going to increase in 2020. According to ecommerce mobile app development companies, as a far-sighted business you must consider incorporating these features to stay ahead of your competitors.

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