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Android vs iOS: Which one should I learn first?

A mobile app can allow you to connect with your customers more frequently and quickly. Android and iOS are the two major operating systems both share the 99% market share. 

If you are planning to give a try to either of the platforms, you might get confused, and that is obvious.

Here is a list of points that will help you decide which platform to learn first. 

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Both Have Different Foundations 

iOS and Android both are uniquely designed operating systems. iOS use Swift while Android is made of Java Programming language. People who have more experience and knowledge of object-oriented programming language can understand Android faster.

Although if you compare Android with iOS, the latter’s programming language Swift is considerably easier to learn for a beginner. Again, if you know someone or have a friend who can help you cope with the learning of Android, you can easily deal with working with Android. 

iOS is More Mature Language 

Apple is very strict and particular about the rules and regulations of its operating systems. If you are planning to learn iOS, you will have to ensure that you are following rules and regulations of iOS; otherwise, your app will be blocked straightaway from the app store. Every Apple device has the same UI and monotonous look that you also have to adapt to developing your app.

In Android, there are very fewer guidelines you will have to fulfill to make your mobile app available on the PlayStore. Android has no such specific UI/UX designs you will have to follow. There are thousands of version of this app because every mobile manufacturer modifies the OS and make its own ROM give it to the users. 

Both Require Different Tools 

Android Studio is the official IDE for the Android Mobile App Development. It gives you full compatibility and the perfect environment to build robust Android mobile applications. You can easily code, test and finalize your Android programs using this tool.

Eclipse and Apache Cardova are also great options to develop Android code. You don’t have to worry about any hardware compatibility as these development tools can be used on all major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. 

Apple has one popular IDE known as Xcode that has everything that you can ask to develop desired iPhone mobile applications. Its UI interface and natural elements make the whole coding experience smooth and easy.

Furthermore, you can develop every Apple product’s development through this single IDE only. But Xcode is only compatible with Apple products. You will have to arrange Apple desktops or Mac to begin coding iOS App Development, and for Windows, you will have to go for Virtual Machine. 


Both are great operating systems and are perfect at what they do. You need to understand your expectations and demand that you want to fulfill.