Announcing Flutter Version 1.2 - With Development DART Tool

8th Apr 2019
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One of the new addition into the arsenal for the app developers is Flutter. Basically, Flutter is a UI framework used to build beautiful, interactive and fluxional cross-platform native apps on Android and iOS using Google’s Dart programming language.

As Google has constantly worked on improving the performance and stability of the framework, Google has announced very first feature updated of Flutter known as Flutter 1.2 along with a new web-based suite of programming tools called as Dart DevTools with the purpose of analyzing and debugging apps.

The aim and focus area for launching Flutter 1.2 is to improve Performance, Stability, and Quality of the core framework. Responding to several highly demanded customer features like app bundles and in-app payments. Polishing work on the visual finish and functionality of existing widgets. Also to develop best Flutter applications adding new web-based tooling for developers.

With Flutter’s Version 1.2 updates the Cupertino widget tent to be set with improvements towards achieving constancy on iOS and Material widget to support more formable usage.

Flutter 1.2 has a larger set of animation assistance functions with support for new mouse hover and keyboard events which are being made information for the desktop-class operating system in the near future.

This Version 1.2  includes an update for in-app purchases, for android app bundles, Dart 2.2 SDK that improves the performance for compiled code with its language support for declaring sets. Also bug fixings for maps, webview, and video player.

A Hope Development tool for Flutter Developers - Dart Dev Tools

With Flutter version 1.2 Google has introduced a new web-based suite of programming tool known as Dart Dev Tool; that can help Flutter developers to analyze and debug their build apps.

This tool includes tooling for inspecting and debugging Flutter and Dart both applications. This tool is available for installation together with Flutter’s extensions and add-ins for Android studio and Visual studio code.

Dart DevTools undertakes some of the capabilities such as :

  • A full source-level debugger that let the developer steps through the code, set breakpoints and explore the call stack.

  • The tree hierarchy used by Flutter for reproduction, this tool provide widget inspector that enable exploration and visualization for that.

  • Timeline view which helps to determine application at a frame-by-frame level which indirectly helps to identify the computational and reproduction work that can lead to animation ‘jank’ to the apps.

  • A Logging View: By this view can see all the activity log of an application as well as the framework, garbage collection event, and network.

A Future of Flutter: RoadMap

With these features, the main aim is on the growth of Flutter beyond mobile platforms. A hummingbird that brings Flutter on the web - a technical preview of this could be released by the near future.

The new Flutter Desktop Embedding that brings the framework to the desktop-class devices which could package and deploy apps for OS like Mac and Windows. The high-level details for RoadMap shared by google are some of the broad themes that have been established in the near future:


These Fundamental contains performance improvements with new UI widgets and also some bug fixing as usual.


These are what all the Flutter developers must want as it making easy for the Flutter users to do the things they need quickly.

Cross-Platform Support beyond mobile:

As we have discussed above it’s nothing but an experiment - The Hummingbird project that can bring all the Flutter feature on the Web.

Dynamic Updates:

The Dart Platform that is also known as hot-deployment that provide the ability to push or update the code without having to re-deploy apps.

Hire Flutter Developer to Build  Beautiful native app:

As we all know now that Flutter - A wide acclaimed open-source mobile application development SDK which is used to develop mobile apps for OS like iOS and Android.

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