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Eat 5 Anti-Inflammatory Food daily to stay Happy & Healthy forever Says Ace Dietician Suman Pahuja

Eat 5 Anti-Inflammatory Food daily to stay Happy & Healthy forever Says Ace Dietician Suman Pahuja

Sunday May 24, 2020,

3 min Read

Suman Pahuja

Knowing which food cause inflammation and which are anti-inflammatory is one of the best ways to avoid illness safeguarding your overall health. Due to unhealthy, unbalanced lifestyle, the word “Inflammation” is not new to everyone. In the game of becoming modern, we have forgotten to live a healthy and happy life.

The VLCC & ISSA certified dietician Suman Pahuja explains us on how to stay fit and fab by eating naturally available food.  In the current covid-19 scenario, everyone is stuck at home and there is less chances of daily exercises due to which inflammation can rise heavily. Dietician Suman Pahuja shares her tips about 5 anti-inflammatory foods to eat that are easily available in this lockdown situation as well.

Inflammation can be termed as wrong fuel to our body that acts like buckets of lightening fluid that harm our body causing some serious disease as well. Eating anti-inflammatory food on the other hand is like stocking up some buckets of water (in the form of nutrients) to keep things getting out of control.

Here is list of 5 Anti-inflammatory foods that are easily available at home & help you staying happy and healthy forever.

  • Turmeric

Easily found and available in every house, Turmeric is the superman of anti-inflammatory foods. It is filled with curcumin which acts as a powerful antioxidant that fights with free radicals. At the same time it helps lowering levels of enzymes that causes inflammation in the body. The Golden Latte needs no introduction! Add turmeric in soups, grain bowls and dressings to avail its anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Ginger

Again found in every household, Ginger holds a strong position. Ginger tea is one of the most enjoying drinks for everyone. It helps easing inflammation by slowing the body’s production of cytokines, a protein that triggers inflammation. Ginger is treated as a natural remedy for an upset stomach as well. Serve it with sautéed vegetables, fish or bake into cookies, Ginger will work wonders!

  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes, a natural food found everywhere is a great source of lycopene, an antioxidant that helps protecting your brain and fights depression which causes inflammation. Lycopene is present in the skin of tomatoes, thus if you add handful of cherry tomatoes in your salad it will be more beneficial. Well, if you don’t like eating raw tomatoes, no need to worry. Research has proven that processed tomatoes have even higher amount of lycopene than the fresh ones. So, enjoy tomatoes raw or processed as you like.

  • Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like Spinach, Kale and cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts have powerful anti-inflammatory effects that help reducing certain levels in the body that drives inflammation. Chili peppers also contain certain acids that may reduce inflammation too. Also raw or lightly cooked mushrooms have anti-inflammatory effect. Try the vegetables in paratha or you can grill them in olive oil as per your taste.

  • Berries

The Strawberries and Blueberries are packed with antioxidants that help reducing the inflammation and also help in boosting immunity. Results have shown that eating them regularly can reduce the inflammatory markers. Make strawberry smoothies, add them into a bowl of oatmeal or try making a super bowl of mix veg salad for better results.

Try these anti-inflammatory foods that certainly help in preventing inflammation and helps causing some serious diseases in future.