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Are you hiring the right first 5 employees for the startup ?

Are you hiring the right first 5 employees for the startup ?

Thursday July 04, 2019,

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As a startup founder in India, how did you hire the first 5 employees?

"Without teamwork, we cannot reach to the heights" a Starting up a business is not an easy task but a tough one. As after the company registration or business, finding the right people to seek that startup is hard. But it’s well worth their time and effort. Its all depends on the company/business/Industry size. That's for sure the 1st 5 people in the company would be expertise and have a great level of experience in their field.No one can do all thing alone the startups do need the team for successful running. The base formula to decide 1st 5 employees will be :

  • Determine your requirements first
  • Know wherever one's talent swings out
  • Receive ideal hires to introduce extra candidates.

Here are 5 hires to get risen with once one's ready to begin scaling:

Product Manager

Product manager

The product manager is the person who understands the company product or service outside and inside. A product manager will explore and determine why the product is important to the customer. He knows all about the product is manufactured and how needs to be sell. Also, knows all about the competitor's products and marketing ethics. Product managers do have a strategic plan for behind a product both physically and digitally.He/ she is liable to define its operative requirements and usually works towards the successful running of the Startup.

  • The Product Manager approaches ideas for innovative products from others and shares ideas for new products. He/she gathers data on new product ideas, examines new product ideas, and treats to estimate new product ideas.
  • He/she has the skill to understand the market and caters the information of the wants and needs of the customer.
  • The Product Manager does an excellent job of blending overall company strategy, product trade plans and strategy, competitive review, and customer demand into an efficient product strategy and place in the marketplace.
  • Throughout growth, the Product Manager collects required customer feedback from criteria or mock-ups and communicates the outcomes of this feedback to the relevant team members. The Product Manager practices this feedback to oversee building choices for the project.

Marketing Generalist

 Marketing Generalist

Marketing is the greatest way towards the success of the startup. A person who recognises how to target customers and tell them why a special product or service interests to them. The marketer has to look through the vision of the company boss and formulate in the form of words, Video, Images and messages. The marketing mediums are various — from TV to Pinterest to print ads and blogging. Also, easy switching strategies if one determines ineffective.

  • Leading market research to gain answers about consumer needs, fashions and trends.
  • Generating ideas for artistic marketing campaigns. Also, help in Inbound or outbound marketing activities by showing expertise in many fields like content development, advertising, events planning etc.
  • Cooperate with marketing and other experts to organise brand recognition and marketing purposes.
  • Offer individual responsibilities of a marketing plan as indicated.
  • The aim is to produce effective marketing programs that will improve reputation and increase the success chance of Startup.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Selling is the key to profit earning. They can play a part in the customer support representative as well. Sales representatives market retail products, goods and services to consumers. They work with customers to get what they need, design solutions and assure a uniform sales process. Sales representatives will serve to obtain fresh sales leads, by business directories, client referrals, etc.

  • Creating leads and Matching or beating sales goals. Even allocating all contracts with planned clients.
  • Helping manage pricing plans for quotes, promotions, and meetings.
  • Replying client questions regarding credit terms, products, rates and availability.
  • Visiting clients and potential clients to judge wants or sell products and services plus keeping client records. Also, regulating sales efforts with marketing programs.

Business Development or Financial Analyst

 Business development or financial analyst

Business Development Executive their preference is to help their companies to obtain new customers and sell extra products or services to current ones. This means the part is a critical one for any business with the aim to increase or the requirement to expand its customers. Business Development Executive their preference is to help their companies to obtain new customers and sell extra products or services to current ones. This means the part is a critical one for any business with the aim to increase or the requirement to expand its customers.

  • Growing a business development plan directed on financial gain. Managing business development meetings with promised clients. Also, conduct research to recognise new markets and customer requirements and keep reports of sales, revenue, invoices etc.
  • Support the company’s products and services addressing or divining clients’ goals. Plus give good feedbacks and after-sale support.
  • Make sales contracts assuring adherence to lawful rules and guidelines. Design business meetings with planned clients.
  • Develop long-term relationships with current and existent customers. Also, amplify entry-level staff into helpful salesmen.



A great accountant can do activities in human resource as a Human resource professional. The account is a whole and soul for the employers as well as the boss of the company. As he/she is the one who prepares and reviews the financial records of the company. An accountant is a specialist who does accounting duties such as audits or financial statement review. Accountants are granted certifications by national professional associations after meeting state-specific requirements. Although non-qualified persons can do work following other accountants or freely.

  • Tax accountants guide businesses and individuals on their tax want. Also finishing and presenting tax returns and navigating regulatory development.
  • Maintaining the financial data of a business can further add more complex duties. Like growing, executing and controlling financial databases, also building and monitoring handle procedures.
  • Since interpreters, accountants may perform specific kinds of interpretation using financial data. That is used to help in making business decisions. From choosing which sorts of supplies to order to payment of bills to payroll. The accountant manages many complex business details every day.
  • Informing on business operations can involve issues, such as financial commitments and expected revenue in future.
  • An accountant may also be accountable for assuring that all financial reporting deadlines are met, inside and out. Monitoring and assisting taxation problems and filings can also be a responsibility of an accountant. The accountant also normally regulates the audit process by helping with financial data preparation.


Before your startup business or company, make sure they understand the working in a startup and all the hard work that will necessitate. Make them do things they have no experience in and that things can make them do all way around things. Describe to them that their hours will be high and the work will be demanding, but the pay off can be greatly gratifying.

If one can get employees to hit the ground working from day one with open expectations. One will never face a problem managing fresh hires. Be demanding but never disappoint your hires.

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