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Automated Digital Publishing Solution for the Digital Era

Automated Digital Publishing Solution for the Digital Era

Tuesday April 02, 2019,

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The world is getting digital, so are books and magazines.. In today’s publishing industry, digital publishing is the ground reality. No matter big or small, most companies and organizations are shifting towards digital publishing. Even the well-established, as well as emerging writers are going digital.

As a result of this paradigm shift, there are many automated digital publishing software programs that have emerged in the market. Automated because from designing to the content generation and publishing on different platforms to monetizing the content, they have made every task hassle-free. One doesn’t essentially need to know the coding or be a professional graphic designer. Even with the basic knowledge of designing, one can build enticing digital design and generate interesting content.

In this blog, we will step by step explain how automated digital publishing software programs can be utilized to bring your content to a digital creativity. What steps to follow to go digital with your publication.

Creation of content with the help of software

Although, the content that you choose or write for your publication is completely subjective. Yet, there are some universal rules you should follow to make your content interesting. Most readers find it tedious to read long paragraphs filled with the bulk of information. So generally, you should keep your information short and crisp. Also, when writing, think from the perspective of the readers. Try to figure out what question your readers could have in their mind and try to answer those questions in your write-up. Include some fascinating details along with the USP of your product or service. Many digital publishing software programs also give the feature to buy content or get it generated from the third party.


After working on your content, you will probably start with designing your e-brochure or e-magazine. While there are many who might possess professional designing skills, not all might be professional graphic designers. Keeping this in mind, most digital publishing software programs in the market today come with a variety of customizable themes. No matter what your business might be, it’s just about selecting a theme relevant to the nature of the business. Also, with the simple drag and drop tools, one can embed several multimedia elements to the design to make the e-magazine or e-brochure more interactive and informative. 


Now that you have designed your publication, it’s time to convert it into a mobile app format and publish on different platforms. While this process requires the knowledge of proper coding, with automated digital publishing software programs available in the market, it becomes as easy as falling off a log. You just have to submit your design, select the publishing platform (app store, play store) and your content is digital.

Monetizing Content

Last yet the most important aspect is monetizing your content. While most digital publications would be for the purpose of promoting and selling the company’s product or service, yet there are many who would solely earn through monetizing their content. Thus, there are two ways through which one can do so. One common method is to add promotional advertisements to the mobile app. The second option is to direct your readers to your premium articles at the end of the write-up for more detailed information. These monetizing services are provided by most digital publishing software programs.

Are you looking for a complete digital publishing solution?

mag+ is one of the digital publishing software which is highly in demand in the market. From designing to publishing your content to different platforms, mag+ offers a complete solution for digital publishing. What differentiates it from the rest is its unique plugin for the Adobe in-design that lets you customize your design in numerous ways. A brochure or a magazine designed through mag+ is sure to stand out from the rest.

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