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Secure IND Application Download And Details

By Indians and only for Indians

Secure IND Application Download And Details

Sunday March 19, 2017,

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India’s first Antivirus Application released Secure IND. This App is designed by Indians and only applicable for Indians. This is great step towards Digital India.

For every download of the App 10 paisa will be donated for the farmers cause.

Secure IND AntiVirus for Android – Protects your Android mobile phone or tablet against viruses, malware and spyware.

Secure IND – Compatible with both phone and tablet

Antivirus Secure IND

★ Fastest – Antivirus Engine: Scan new apps and installed apps, complete device Memory, Multi-layer Antivirus protection against virus and malware, Spy apps, etc. “Applied – AV-TEST Certification”.

★ Fast Protection: Fix system vulnerabilities and scan new apps, file systems ensure your device’s safety and your privacy in real-time

★ Quick Clean: Clean your system and make your device faster.


Watch the below video to understand, how it works

YouTube :

The fastest way to Remote Lock, Alarm, Locate, Wipe, Delete and Anti-theft through one simple text message “SMS” to remotely lock your device.

Please read the below example to understand how it works:

☆ Method 1:

Example: Your device ever been lost or stolen?

Think you lost a phone over public bus?

1 Ask any co-passengers to use their phone and send a Pre-Defined Text message to you mobile number, your device will be locked with an alarm (USB debugging will be disabled, you can remote Lock, Wipe, Backup and locate).

2 A simple text message to your mobile number, will lock your devices instance, and keep your data 100% safe and secured.

☆ Method 2:


If someone has stolen or lost their device, the moment they add the new SIM card, When they start the device it will instantly shoot an SMS with text containing “the new user’s phone number “to the predefined backup mobile number which you would have registered in the app earlier, once the SMS triggered the phone will be locked again.

We will be supporting the below listed languages:

English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu

Click to Download the Secure IND app. 

And For more Updates and information visit: Pradhan Mantri Agreement