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Why maintaining relationships is the secret of marketing that remains unspoken?

To create a long lasting and a trustworthy relationship with your customers you need to add a special touch. Just remember your key audience and keep a healthy relationship with them. Listen carefully to your audience they are your real critics. They will tell you whether you are wrong or right. 

Why maintaining relationships is the secret of marketing that remains unspoken?

Thursday July 05, 2018,

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The evolution of technology is making the life of a person easier. Everything can be done nowadays with the help of technology and even with fewer efforts.

I personally admire how the tech is transforming everything around us. But everything has a dark side as well.

At present technology enabled us that we can send thousands of messages at the same time to many customers, but is that what your customers want???

It is perfectly said by Patricia Fripp that technology cannot run an enterprise. Relationships do.

And it is undoubtedly true.

Your most significant asset is the connections you build along the way. Whether those be with your customers or others, these are more prominent than bricks and mortar.

If you desire to get established in the market then start focusing on these key factors: Marketing Influencers, Customers and your Opponents.

The former studies have shown that how critical building relationships can be when it comes to Business. By building the relationship I don’t mean the "hi how can I help you?" type relations.

The true meaning of this is where trust and understanding and even empathy come into action.

Let's plunge into know how this hidden secret saves us from failure. 

1. Customers Gonna Love it


I know that it's obvious. Everyone builds the relationship with their customers. But do they really love you? It's easier to say than to do.

Out of all business relations, this is the most important relationship for your business also the most difficult as well.

Do you know the reason why it's difficult? Because your customers know that when you are fake. Customers actually want more than just a one time purchase thing. They seek a trustworthy brand or company to build a long-lasting relationship with.

So what's your original policy? According to me, it should be first to listen to your customer, understand the requirements and then deliver them more than what they want.

Make a note of it that it's very important to ensure that your customers feel special every time they connect with your business.

There are many ways to make that happen such as personalizing emails, reaching them personally at their preferred time and send them gifts often. Let your customers know about the company. Then, they will trust you. To grab your customer's attention and to make them feel special you must need to know how to make effective e-mail marketing strategies

2. Influencers can give a boost to your Business


First, let the statistics talk.

On average, businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing and 81% of marketers who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective.

Let's face it that people trust what others have to say.

Every industry has its magnate and connecting your business with these can result in amazing advantages.

They introduce your budding business to a large number of potential customers and also help you to magnify the social presence of your business.

Having a direct connection to your customers is important but there are other ways too. Because it's not possible to stay connected to each customer. In this case, a third party can become a worthy partner but first, you should build a bond with that person.

Building a bond means try to know them, their audience, make a friendly bond.

Influencer marketing has become a powerful weapon now. Influencers have a great reputation in the market, so if they will talk about your brand customers will trust them. 

Make your Competitors your Friends


You and your competitors are running in the same race. They have the same audience you have. So, why see them as your rivals make them your friends and a resource. By this, you can learn about what's best for your business by exchanging information.

When a company tries to prove their rivals bad, they end up affecting their reputation in the market. Tell the customers how good you are instead of telling how bad your rivals are.

By providing the power of your audience to help each other, businesses can have fun while expanding their reach. Being open and generous with your competitors proves you have nothing to hide and shows integrity.

The advantages of making friends in business considerably surpass any drawbacks. So you can do your thing and they will do their still, you can help each other in the process.

Instead of focusing on your rival, start concentrating on your customers need. It will enhance their trust on you. 


In the end, you need to recognize that business is all about people. It's important to treat your customers well in order to improve the relationship you have with them.

With this, your business will grow and your customer retention rates will surely improve.

Research has revealed that 71% of users have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service. You can easily be affected by this state if everyone on your team is not clear on how clients should be treated.

In any business, it's really important to be authentic and consistent in the relationship marketing strategy. Otherwise, you will not get the results you are looking for.

Remember your audience and then take the steps needed to implement a relationship strategy which gratifies customer loyalty in a rewarding way. Keep in mind that customers, competitors, and influencers all should be part of your network.

You won’t significantly see results immediately. But, over time, the steps that you do take will increase, producing massive results for your company in the future.

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