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Secrets from the real estate handbook to sell your house fast

Own a home and willing to sell it off? Trying hard, still not getting the right value for your house? Finding the perfect house and owning it simple, but to be able to sell it off at the right price and quickly can be a serious headache. If you are based out of New Jersey, you might find a number of houses on sale. But, if you too have a board out on the porch reading ‘Home for Sale’ in New Jersey, and still haven’t found the right buyer for your house, here are a few tips that could make this tedious job simpler and make you the ‘Star Seller’. 

Secrets from the real estate handbook to sell your house fast

Saturday February 24, 2018,

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1. Depersonalize the house

It is understandable that you have been living in that house and have lots of memories about the place. But, when you are putting the house on the market, you have to disconnect yourselves from it and let potential buyers feel a connection. If your house is stuffed with too many personal things, buyers might not be able to imagine themselves being a part of that house. Take the home of the house, store away items like photo frames, personal collections etc. Let the new buyers picture their belongings into the premise.

2. Maintaining the lawn

A well-maintained lawn in front of the house can add significant value to your house. People love lawns as it gives the house a pleasing look, and the family can amazing weekends and holidays barbequing and playing on the lawn. If your house is in Perth Amboy or Woodbridge and has a lawn, just make sure that you give it a quick touch up before having the open house.

3. Glittery things are always attractive

Lighting can play tricks on the human brain.. A house near Monmouth Junction and North Brunswick with an abundance of natural lighting would be a quick sell. So, before inviting the potential buyers for a visitation, make sure that you change the lamps, clean the windows and take down the drapes, let the natural light brighten up the interiors of the house – making it more presentable, bright and attractive

4. Don’t oversell and price it right

Yes, it’s true that everyone exaggerates a little about the things they wish to sell and to make more money; while a little is acceptable, too much of it can be a deal breaker. Do not make misleading claims or oversell on the listing. Yes, you can always get their attention with the right décor and some remodelling, but don’t mislead them. Price your house strategically, but also practically. A house in Carteret cannot be priced equivalent to that in Kendall Park as location plays an important role in pricing. Evaluate your house from the buyer’s perspective and choose a fair price band.

5. Make the house available and offer to give a tour

If you want to sell your house quickly, you need to make it easier for the buyers to consider it an option. Try and make your house available for visitation as per their ease. The best publicity is the word of mouth. As you have been living in that house and know the locality, you could give them a tour, put in a good word about the house and also have casual talks to make them like you and your house.

If you wish to sell your house at the right price and quick in  Avenel, Carteret, Colonia, East Brunswick, Edison, Fords, Kendall Park, Metuchen, Monmouth Junction, Monroe Township , North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Parlin, Perth Amboy, Piscataway, Sayreville, South River, Woodbridge, you need to set the first impression right. From the entrance to the backyard, everything should be appealing. Give your house a nice touch-up, make it look attractive, warm and pleasant – something you would have wanted for yourself. You can even use a broker to help with the sale. 

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