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Enjoy the journey with hurdles in your life then road to success feels easy

Finding Success Though Freelancing

Enjoy the journey with hurdles in your life then road to success feels easy

Sunday May 08, 2016,

4 min Read

It is often said “Some succeed because they are destined to and some succeed because they are determined to”. I am Dhiral Patel 22-year-old boy from Vadodara, Gujrat and I have made a fortune through freelancing all by my effort and determination. I lost my father when I was only six years of age.

My mother faced a lot of hardships to educate me and my sister. After appearing for boards, I found myself lost since the family did not have enough money to help me pursue a bachelor’s degree. However, I was determined to move forward in life. Since my childhood, I was interested in computers and was often scolded for spending a lot of time on it. In times of need, the computer is what saved me. I Decided to take things in my own hand and start something with the help of my knowledge of computers to fund my education.The humble beginning:

To begin, I started a blog on ethical hacking at After struggling for two months, I got my first income of $50 from an advertisement through Infolinks on the blog. Slowly the blog started becoming a hit. This was a phase of huge learnings for me as I faced with many obstacles, overcame them and came out stronger. Each hurdle taught me something or the other, helped me shape my career in future. I was young and didn’t know about policies of various websites. I was blocked from various sites for breaching their policy unknowingly. But each problem I faced taught me something.


During this phase, I kept experimenting with different types of blogs to see what works. After some failures, I finally found success with where I started using Adsense, Infolinks and various other sources like which earned me revenue. I earned more than $1000 from this blog and sold that domain in $500.

The take-off:

These little bits of success instilled a vast confidence in me. I decided to migrate to, a website which brings freelancers and employers together. I started working as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer and built on my profile through various projects. Within two years, I had completed more than 250 projects as a freelancer along with my Engineering degree from the Gujarat Technological University.

But this was just the beginning of a long journey. I decided to take things bigger and approached friends who are into similar fields to partner and start something on my own. My friends were keen to join in the journey to success and within three months, We had established a full-fledged firm in my home country. Work started pouring in and I was managing prestigious projects. Business is all about cashing on the right opportunity. In 2015, I launched event blog related to Bigg Boss of that year and earned around $450 from it. I was overjoyed.

It is said that you gather your energy from your near and dear ones. My family in my life stood by me throughout my journey assuring me that there is sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

By this time, the business had stabilised and I made sure that I had developed a sustainable model for me and my friends. I could manage the entire family’s expenses and this helped my family a lot. Over and above regular income, rewards started coming in. I was awarded the ‘Best Graphic Designer’ by, a coveted reward in the freelancing industry. I was also chosen by Microsoft as the ‘Microsoft Student Partner’ for developing around 7 applications for Microsoft phone and desktop.

Dreams are what define a person:

I was still hungry for more. I wanted to pursue my dream to fly higher. I applied for higher studies in the US and got admission in the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan, New York.

I am currently in the United States pursuing a degree and continuing with my freelancing work. I balance studies and work to fund my education. Last month, I earned close to $7000 [$6341 Projects + $600 Maintenance of websites] from through various freelancing projects. After completing my education, I plan to work in US for some time and then go back to my own soil and help youngsters like me achieve their dream.

"Opportunity does not come knocking on the door. You have to build the door to invite an opportunity in. I made my own door, invited the opportunity in and made the best out of every opportunity available."