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Train journeys can be worth cherishing

When talking about traveling in trains, the old saying, “the journey is just as important as the destination” sounds true. 

Train journeys can be worth cherishing

Thursday June 15, 2017,

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In a country extremely vast, train travel is a manner of life, with an amazing crowd travelling by train, more than just going from one spot to another, trains have become an integral part of lives of people.

More than a Journey

Train journeys are not limited to the trips alone, if you want, your trip can become absolutely cherished and happening. Even if you are on a train journey of fifteen to twenty hours, you can get all the necessary facilities right on your palm. For example, if you feel like having some scrumptious snacks or dishes, you can consult railway restaurant, and you will be catered something to eat soon.

Stretch your Boundaries

In case you are on a train journey with your friends and you are getting bored, you should try to stretch your boundaries. Just go ahead and begin a conversation with a stranger. Talking to a person who is unknown to you is like exploring yourself. While you get to meet so many passengers on train or in compartments, you can talk to them and know about their lifestyle and world.

This way, your fear of initiating a talk or conversation will get vanished. No just this, since the people are strangers, you need not to worry about what others say. Actually, it is the best thing that you can do while you are aboard. When you talk to people, your confidence boosts up, your way of expression improves and you get to know new horizons. So, rather than cribbing the time your train is taking to reach a destination, just explore new people and worlds.

Keep your mind open

Even if you are not talking to people who are traveling in the same train, you can still have a great time at observing activities and scenarios. People around you keep on doing one or the other things. They talk and some of them even sing songs. Amidst such an environment, you can get to know and understand so many things that too without taking part in any of the activity.

Sometimes the lessons learnt by observations prove very helpful. Who knows you overhear a discussion that gives you a solution for one of your problems? Or sometimes, some sites and conversations leave you entertained and amazed for a longer time.

Stay Curious

While you are traveling, don’t think that you have to cover this much of distance or it will take another six hours to reach your Destination. If you really want to travel in a cherished manner then stay curious. Look at the different sites, station halts and other activities with curiosity. If you are curious, you can learn, feel and know much more. After all, curiosity opens up new doors and leaves you more enlightened.

Thus, rather than complaining about a dreary train trips, make them cherished and feel the essence of lively journeys.