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Fitness Expert Natasha Kanade’s Valuable Tips on Creating Work and Health Balance during the Lockdown

Fitness Expert Natasha Kanade’s Valuable Tips on Creating Work and Health Balance during the Lockdown

Monday June 22, 2020,

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Natasha Kanade

There has always been a conflict of striking a balance between personal and professional goals. In this ongoing battle, the health of a person takes a toll which has an impact in the long run. When we say health, the imbalance of things in life can hamper the overall health of a person – physical, mental and emotional. Natasha Kanade who is a pioneer in shaping the lives of the people states that having a healthy state of mind is of utmost importance in people’s lives. 

She is the brainchild behind the fitness centre, ‘Transform with Natasha’ who has time and again redefined a healthy lifestyle. In the dire times of COVID-19 crisis, people have taken their health for granted which has resulted in the imbalance of their personal and professional lives.

Due to the lockdown, many people have to continue working from home, but again, working from home comes with many challenges, from household chores to maintaining the focus during the high-stress work requirements. In this process, people fail to prioritize health and divert their focus on other things.

Here below, the fitness expert jots down 7 simple steps you can begin with to create a work and health balance to ensure you don’t comprise on either and give your best to both things in life.

1) Routine is the key. If you don't plan your day, you are going to be sitting with your work all day, make time for everything. Keep a strict timing in which you can finish most of your household chores in the morning and leave the rest for the evening when you finish work.

2) Look for healthy and quick recipes online. It saves time and you can ensure you are eating healthy too!

3) Throw away all your junk food and stock healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, millet khakhras, roasted makhana, yoghurts and roasted chana. This will save you from binge eating when you are craving for junk. Cravings are very common when working from home. So, remember, out of sight, out of mind!

4) Don't go overboard on the coffees or teas, limit to 2- 3 cups and avoid sugar. Initially, you can use stevia if you are someone who needs the tea to be sweet and then gradually stops with time. 

5) Make sure you are a little active through the day and not stuck to the work corner for hours. Get up and drink water, stretch in between, take two rounds of the house and get back to work again. It will help you boost your productivity levels too.

6) Keep drinking water, if you are not used to having a lot of water, then keep infused water ready, it will keep you refreshed, and taste good too!

7) Set aside at least 45 mins hour a day, 5 times a week, for basic exercises/sport that you enjoy, it could be badminton, yoga, brisk walks or mat exercises. Physical activity is very important for good health and a stable mind.

Final Words

Following a healthy lifestyle is not really a challenge, you need to start from basics and contribute to your health each day.