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Love defined me!

"we are defined by our LOVE, nothing less and nothing more."

Love defined me!

Sunday August 13, 2017,

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When I started my first book everyone questioned why do I want to write a book and I said, “I have a message to spread, which is just mine.” It was the passion for writing what I believed to be true and what I have lived by for years. I have been in spirituality since my birth I think, as I was born in a spiritual and religious family. I happily chose to be spiritual.


As I grew my mysterious gifts became apparent, I was born with an art to read signatures and with that I could tell about people’s personalties and their lives anything. Soon, my intutions started becoming stronger and I could forsee and it started troubling me and I delved into Reiki and Tarot-reading to mellow down the powers and understand how to deal with the powers. With the period of time, I became the Reiki Master, EFT practitioner(Emotional Freedom Technique) and started learning NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). As, I was understanding myself, my family supported me beautifully and never made me feel strange and supported me through out with my gifts of mystics.


When the book happened, people started asking me how much time it took? what inspired me? and how did I make it happen? To all of them, It started years back with a thought to put my word out but it took me two years to pen it down and find a publisher. The need to write a book on becoming your own life coach was that in India I used to see people following all the gurus blindly but never looking within. I felt people had forgotten from where do they come from which is pure bliss, so I decided to write in a way that people could find the inner strength and become their own life coach. I have been really lucky with support of my friends and family. They have loved me, helped me and guided me.

While writing I realized all of us has the power to write but we just doubt ourselves too much. I trusted the process of universe which guided me to write 18 chapters of my book with my own experience, wisdom and love. It took me time to realized the book needs a work-book for people to follow and have an internal progress on the spiritual path and indeed I made a workbook and my book comes with it.

-I believe writing is a personal growth and a calling, when I was writing, I was travelling too and as I travelled my book transformed with my personal experience. The reason behind choosing the title, “Love has its various ways,” was that to me LOVE is the ultimate truth,its not about loving another person but its about starting with yourself. Its about delving into the pool of unconditional love within yourself and radiating it. As, I believe we are nothing more than LOVE and that’s the ultimate truth.

I have suffered from depression, cluster attacks and various illnesses but the only thing which made me overcome was love for myself and a desire to see life from a different perspective. Definitely, meditation show me the way in my life and I am a committed child of growth and change in this universe. I believe in miracles and I grow with every experience period.

There is a beautiful poem from my book I would like to share:

In the hum-drum of my life,
when I felt lost, and my vision became blurred,
a light within me shined.
That light was a spark
but it had the intensity to Light my way.
It had the intensity to embrace love within me and
allow me to trust it.
Soon, the noise stopped there was nothing in the Background.
I only had a light shining beautifully in me and guiding me.
There wasn’t any rush nor any lust for accomplishments
As the light was shining with intensity enough to see the universe within me!
As I could see the universe inside me I felt detached to the world and
once again gained the Clarity and intelligence I was born with.
I celebrated in my own being;
I danced with the virtue of God and trusted the light to blaze my path.
In the darkest moments of my life the god lifted me and guided me.
I regained the intelligence I was born with.
It was the reunion with the nine months old me
In my mother’s womb, which was much more intelligent than me.
The wisdom I had possessed in my mother’s womb seems
To guide me to be a greater me.
It seemed to tell me
That neither I was these shackles nor these accomplishments;
All I am is a pure light, which is here to help and guide people.
That spark just made me realize my life purpose and that
I wasn’t the person defined by my parents rather just a
“Pure Bliss”

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