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Take action and unlock your entrepreneurial mindset!

Take action and unlock your entrepreneurial mindset!

Friday August 25, 2017,

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An entrepreneurial mindset has different components from everybody else`s mindset, that`s why most of the world`s population is not an entrepreneur or never will be. It`s deeper than just thinking different, it`s about mindset. These are my topics on how to unlock that mindset:

Don`t take the conventional road

In my life, I`ve always been criticized to thinking in a different way, and at first, I didn`t realize what was going on, why my colleagues were calling me strange all the time or saying things like "you are crazy". As a grown adult, I joined the military, and one day I was thinking looking at the horizon, and my brain kept telling me this: "You are up for something big, you are different". Today I truly know what it is to be different, having an entrepreneur mindset.

Having a vision of where you want to go

It doesn`t matter for you to have the best ship in the world, but if you don`t know where to go, you just keep floating around in the ocean. That`s the same thing in life, draw a specific vision because then you never run the risk of waking up in the morning, saying: "I don`t feel like..". If you have a goal and a strategy in place you never run off course.


Follow the high achievers

You not gonna change your mentality from employee to employer if you don`t know how successful entrepreneurs think and act. Start listening and reading to these incredible humans beings and copy their behaviors, beliefs, and habits. There is no better way to learn and grow that sharing thoughts with like-minded people.

You should multiply not add

Rich mindset people don`t add, like the majority of people, they multiply because they feel the need to do better every day, every hour. Most of the people just can`t wait for the paycheck to come because they want to save money. For the entrepreneur the journey is not about the money, it`s providing value and having goals.

Be patient

If somebody tells you that you can be a millionaire by next week, that probably would sound right. An entrepreneur knows that in order to succeed, he as to fail... a lot. Reports show that Thomas Edison failed over 10.000 times before creating the light bowl. If you are wondering why most people fail when starting a business is because they don`t realize that it takes the time to build the foundations for growth and success. No building is ever constructed from the ceiling.


Don`t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. What is stopping you to unlock your entrepreneurial mindset? Start today. As a friend of mine told me when I was serving my country: "If you want to be someone you never been, you got to do something you never did". I never forgot that phrase!

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