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15 Organic Ways To Optimize Facebook Engagements for Your Business

Various organic ways optimize the boost the Facebook promotions campaigns. Jump to start new experiments and get the maximized results to build a network of loyal customers and enhance the engagement on the Facebook. 

15 Organic Ways To Optimize Facebook Engagements for Your Business

Tuesday November 08, 2016,

7 min Read

Webmasters, experts and even you know by now, there’s a lot more to be gained from Facebook promotions. Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for businesses to increase exposures and reach to right audience.

The dream of every business is to get more engagement on Facebook, and many of them have started using this platform to optimize their investments and engaging their potential audience.

Do you want to increase engagement on Facebook for your business? And do your current Facebook promotion strategy need little bit more optimization? Here are 15 organic ways to optimize Facebook engagement for your business.

Organic Ways to Optimize Facebook Engagement


#1. Never Miss a Chance to Drive Click-Through from Post

A link of website added in Facebook page info won’t drive a good amount of traffic. Do a practice to drive audience from the Facebook post to your business website or mobile app. Adding an effective call to action with a link in the post will enhance the chance to drive more click-through.


#2. Examine Facebook Audience Insight Data

Businesses who keep adding posts on Facebook page blindly without examining how their audience react on individual post may face no-rise in the engagement or may be a worse drop in engagement.

Facebook Audience Insight provides a detailed report related to posts reach, engagements and more insightful data. Based on this data you can judge which type of content your audience like to see the most on your Facebook Page.


Find the most engaging content types and include them in your feature Facebook posts.

#3. Study Users’ Behaviors on Image Updates

Images play a vital role when it comes to gain more engagement on Facebook. The way you share images can either be excited or frustrated for users.

Do an experiment with uploading a single image, a collage of images or create an album with multiple images and observe the users’ behaviors and engagement ratio on individual posts.

#4. Sense When Your Audiences Are Online

Businesses who post at the time when their targeted audience is not online, suffer from the low engagement on posts.

With the help of Facebook Audience Insights, you can find the useful information about the when your audience is being online on Facebook. To find out the same click on Insight from the top bar menu and click on the “See All Posts” under the recent posts section.


Now plan and book a timeslot to publish posts when your audiences are online and increase the chance to get maximum engagement on Facebook posts.

#5. Add Open Graph Data On Web Pages For Facebook

Optimize web pages or blog posts to add Open Graph data. This will allow a web page to add rich objects to Facebook at of time sharing it. Adding required Open Graph data will enable you to have complete control on sharing a link along with thumbnail image, title, URL, and description of the post.

Make sure the four required properties are attached to every web pages on your business website, which will define what content should be published along with the link in a Facebook Post.


#6. Usage of Different Calls To Action

Calls to action are the one who tells the user to what to do next. Different kind of posts will have a different kind of calls to action.

Let’s take few examples.

Calls to action to boost engagement - “Share your experience/thought by leaving your comments below.

Calls to action to navigate users - “Loved the post! Click on below link to find more exciting content/ideas. (ADD URL HERE)

Calls to action to build an email list - “Sign Up for Newsletter to receive regular updates.

Calls to action to lead capture or sales - “For immediate access to the product/service click on this link (Add URL HERE).

#7. Ask Questions To Your Audience About Their Interest

It is hard to start a conversion with a person when you do not know anything about him/her.

It also happens to your business when you do not know more about your targeted audience, as a result, less or no engagement.

To get more idea about like and dislikes of the audience, ask them questions and invite them to take part and share about their interest.

What do you love to do in your free time? Which is your busiest working hour today? What do you love to read? Which is your favorite topic to debate? And more are few examples of questions to ask.

#8. Watch Out, What Your Competitors Are Sharing on Facebook

It’s always helpful to spare some time and watch out the activities of competitors on Facebook.

Observing competitors Facebook page and especially their most engaging posts will guide you to understand users’ behaviors and their interests. Based on this analysis you can adjust or modify the post content to maximize the engagement on your Facebook business page.

#9. Survey Your Audience on Facebook

Everyone like to share their opinion. Survey is the best way to ask your audience for their opinion, their like/dislike, and a lot more.

Don’t be shy and ask anything like “Do you like black?”, “Do you support Swatch Bharat Abhiyan?”, “Do you think that team India will win next cricket world cup in the year 2019?” and a lot more.

Just make sure you raise the question not to get more engagement on your Facebook business page but to understand your targeted audience a little bit more.

#10. Add Video As Your Next Most Engaging Content Type

The video is becoming the next most engaging content type on Facebook. Even Facebook has designed an attractive UI to display and watch a video in the news feed.

I have observed, videos directly uploaded to Facebook received more engagement compare to the videos shared with a YouTube link.

Crafting an informative and interactive videos and uploading them all on a Facebook business page is the best strategy to boost the engagement. So, don’t miss the chance.

#11. Business Information In About Tab

An incomplete or outdated information on About tab in a Facebook page may create the wrong impression. If it happens then, engagement will start to drop.

Updating About section by adding new business information, contact details, adding recent achievements as life events and a lot more will win the trust of the audience.

#12. Take The Benefit Of Schedule Post Feature

If your audience loves to spend their free time on Facebook on weekends and at the same time if you are not posting on your Facebook business page, then you are missing the great opportunity to engage with your audience.

Take advantage of the scheduling features of Facebook and publish posts over the weekend. Make sure you must reply to users’ comments as the first thing in the Monday morning. Or else you can assign a task to a team member, who is willing to lead and attend the users’ queries and will respond to them on the weekends.

To schedule a post, select the “Schedule” option from the drop down menu next to publish button and choose the desired date and time to schedule the post.


#13. Be Quick In Responding OR Acknowledging

Engagements on posts often happen in the first few hours after sharing the post. Many Facebook page admins and moderators are missing this golden chance by not taking any action on engagements.

Best practice is to keep watching the post once it goes live on Facebook and responding or acknowledging to users’ comment in real time or a quick manner. This will encourage user for further engagement.

#14. Share An Inside Look Of Business

Sharing an inside look is the best way to keep the audience engaged by pulling up the curtains behind the business.

Build a unique Facebook campaign to highlight success, inside stories, tremendous opportunities, growth plans and more to win the trust of the audience. They will tend to love seeing such post on your Facebook business page.

#15. Most Important - Maintain The Frequency Of Posting

The frequency of posting is without a doubt one of the most important factors on various social media platforms, and especially on Facebook.

For any reason, if you fail to share post frequently on your Facebook business page then there might be a chance of losing an attention of audience and drop in engagement. Maintain a frequency of posting on Facebook will help you to maintain and enhance the engagement on your Facebook business page.

Hopefully, all these various organic ways will give you a jump to start a new experiment and get the higher side results in building an extensive network of loyal customers over the Facebook.

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