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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

New startup & business ideas 2018

Online & Offline. Small, Medium and Big Budgets. 

New startup & business ideas 2018

Monday January 15, 2018,

4 min Read

Recently I wrote a long list of ideas on startups and new businesses to start in 2018. Thought of sharing it on YourStory, India's best startup community. 

For starting up, the starting point is not necessarily an idea, it could be a problem. It could be applying a solution or a different approach to the existing solutions. You don't even have to think something out of the box, it could be improvising on other existing solutions.

Remember Facebook is not the world's first social network. WhatsApp now under Facebook is still dreaming to add features and gain benefits, like what QQ, WeChat has done in Asian countries. And I am not even including India under it, India is unique in that regards.

I was in Reliance Infocomm just before everyone in India started having mobile phones. Now JIO including other Telecom players have bought a surge of Data Plans, the handset companies are enjoying the wave and they will for long. I just bought two phones for my family, one brand didn't even exist few months ago.

Any business that can scale by identifying the need and finding paying customers will make money. - V Ganapathy, Axilor Ventures

Can there be a rush of opportunities, are you prepared?

Workshop Travel – Travel portal to learn new skills.

Indian travel industry has big opportunities both in India and Abroad. And Indians going out of India. It needs a healthy atmosphere and thinking out of the box. With so many arts and cultural activities, there exists a good opportunity to make it participatory. Learn Manipuri dance for a week in Manipur. Learn Rajasthani cooking for a week in Rajasthan. Inclusive and immersive experience for a short period.

Teacher Tutor – Find a teacher near you, to fund her educational advancement

Every problem needs a solution and there will be so many problems with you anytime. Teacher are celebrated everywhere but rarely looked at they might be having their own educational needs. If they love teaching, logically speaking they would love to learn new things and advance. Can you create a funding solution like GoFundMe?

Help on Wheels – Networked clinics & ambulances on wheels

Which can scale like Uber or Lyft, possible? Space is a big problem in cities and even in other Towns. Not everyone can hold Ambulances & mobile clinics. There might be an opportunity to manage this separately and assist current medical services.

Homemakers? - What is there?

There are many educated, mobile powered, app using, middle-class Indian homemakers at home. What do we have to serve their intellectual needs? Or in terms of physical activities. What can they do in terms of online business, WFH opportunities, social engagements, hobbies, games and more?

Daily Global Tiffin – World food in a box.

After food startups successes and failures, the next question is what they will eat from the same menus and where they will graduate to. From current convenience, will they see it as a regular daily option. Are there any possibilities they are already getting bored. India itself has many things to add to the menu It is much feasible for startups if they have a mass effect on the menu as well. Think!

Indian SMEs are critical to making India a manufacturing hub and we must foster the sector if we are to meet the national imperative of inclusive growth. - R Narayan, Power2SME

Quick List

Social Nuisance – Use someone’s else’s content, put borders, emojis, crappy copy and hit enter. Actually my bad its already there but it’s never too late 🙂

Veteran Social – Online / offline communities for veterans & retired professionals.

Democracy Forum – Online / offline communities for discussing democracy. Local, Global and individual.

Eureka Today – Scientific discoveries of the day. Discoveries, Explanation, Impact, and Future.

Dinner Roulette – Group dinners arranged between strangers. Arranged by common interests or totally serendipitous.

Neighborhood – My very old idea, implemented in some form somewhere. Know thy neighbor. Neighborhood communities brought closer by online tools

Daily Global Tiffin – World food in a box. Discover home delivered food – from a new place every day.

AI Social Networker – AI matches you with people all around the world. Face, DNA or any other physical characteristics

Go Historical – Travel to historical places, for a one-week history course

FakePOD – Podcast on fake news of the day.

Policy DB – Policy index – IMDB ratings, reviews, speeches, news, comments and contributions of a politician.

Image Source - Pixabay

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