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The success story of a working mother – A passionate remote worker

Meet a passionate worker, a caring mother and a multi talented wonderful person #WomenEntrepreneur #WorkingMother #RemoteWorker

The success story of a working mother – A passionate remote worker

Friday May 26, 2017,

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Its not every other day that you meet an enterprising mother who wins incessant accolades from her team mates and that too being a remote worker. Lets meet a mother, a pioneer, a mentor and a successful remote / virtual worker.

Working remotely is not a norm yet in India and definitely not in the senior management positions in SW industry. But this determined lady has beaten all the odds to establish herself as an impeccable “Work from Home” professional. The globally distributed teams not only trust her but look forward to her guidance as she is the epitome of delightful collaboration.

It all started 12 years ago (2005) with a strong will to Strive – Thrive – Achieve. Equipped with a Master’s degree in Computers, she wanted to be a Software professional, but being a caring mother, she was unwilling to spend all day in the regular office away from home. Instead of giving up, she started to look out for alternatives and hence she became “Solo Entrepreneur”. Her first venture “Bits n Bytes SW Learning Academy” was focused on skilling other housewives and young students in Software systems.

Back then, Digital Marketing was catching up and she started to experiment with it without any formal training. Promoting her venture with all frugality, she started to catch eyeballs; not only from domestic customers but also from mature economies like USA, Australia and Israel etc.

Impressed with her grasp on the business problem and solution vision, she grabbed her first big deal from an Israel based Startup to set up, manage and run a virtual team for SW Product Development. It was her first stint to build a virtual team (freelancers distributed over globe). Unfazed by the non-existent parallel or discouraging advice from seasoned professionals, she took on the challenge and thus pioneered a new model by building a successful team of 25+ freelancers from around the globe.

Today she is engaged by multiple clients across Globe (India, USA, AUS, UK etc.) as an Agile Consultant, Technical Project Manager, Scrum Master, Customer Success Manager etc. While all this may not be a big feat for any other professional but what makes me salute her is her ability to add tremendous value to every engagement besides being a very caring mother of 3. A recent “Best Employee Award” to this virtual employee is a testimony to her passion, skills and customer focused mindset. Not to mention that she has other talents - Melodious singing, ebullient dancing and emotional poetry.

I am proud to be connected to such a wonderful person, caring mother, passionate worker and a “Servant Leader” above all. Join me in congratulating Indu Goswami on achieving this rare feat and being an inspiration to all of us

Image Credit: subarnagupta.com

Image Credit: subarnagupta.com