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Don’t get fooled – Ask the following questions before handing over your project to an SEO expert

Staying ahead of the Google Algorithm and making yourself a brand in cut-throat competition is easier said than done and thus, you need to hire an expert. Here are a few tips you can follow to find the expert around you and not getting fooled.

Don’t get fooled – Ask the following questions before handing over your project to an SEO expert

Wednesday May 30, 2018,

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Being a marketer or entrepreneur, you must be able to think on your feet to seal the successful deal or to sail through hard-hitting competition. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the only way left you’ll get the organic traffic and increase your client base. But! Before indulging yourself in the same, you should keep one thing in your mind and that, if a right strategy has the ability to take you at a higher possible position on the Google, so, a bad strategy can do the vice versa.


Yes, if you do it all wrong, so, it can cripple your existing traffic or ranking as well. So, if you are not aware of the tricks of the trade, hiring an SEO expert would be a great help. But for that, you should invest your money in an expert and, not in an immature, who hardly have the knowledge of the latest trends of the market. Nowadays, it is no difficult to find a Tom, Dick, and Herry at the every street corner who claims themselves as SEO Experts; therefore, it becomes difficult for one to find the trustworthy company to hand over the responsibility of their brand image.

Also, it increases their chances of getting fooled easily. Well, if you are on the same fence, it’s high time to kick the problems out of the way and hire an expert, who won't disappoint you at any stage. Before hiring anyone, you should ask a few questions that not only clarify your doubts but also give you the confidence in their work.

So, Let’s Get Started:

What are their ranking status?

Before hiring an SEO Expert, you have the freedom to ask them whatever you want to get the confidence in their work. Yes, you can and, actually, you should ask them about their ranking status to know whether they are able to improve yours or not. If a company who is promising you to increase your visibility on Google’s first page, but itself has a very poor rank cannot be a good help. On the contrary, if a company has its high position, so, they can do the same for their clients too.

How long will it take my website to rank on google?

Well, the very first thing is that Google is no one’s best friend or family member, it supports or promote websites that have all the features to keep the users happy and satisfied. So, if a company is giving you fake promises that your website will rank overnight, so, you should stand up and run in the other direction, as fast as, you can. Their promise is bogus; because there is no magic trick to rank overnight. Yes, you can ask them how long will it take and if the company is genuine, they will surely give you a minimum time limit. During the time period, they will invest their efforts or strategies accordingly to boost up your website ranking.

How many projects did you work on and what are their status?

Yes, being a customer, you have all rights to go through their previous client history to know whether the company is genuine or fake. Apart from checking their client’s success stories, you can also have direct words with them about the response they are getting from the company. A genuine SEO Company won’t hesitate to share their portfolios with you.

How will you report what’s working on my website?

Well, you are paying them for their services and you have all rights to ask what they are actually doing on your website to improve its ranking. You should ask them whether they provide a monthly report or not. Also, you can ask for the level of support they are providing you.

These are a few questions that you should ask an SEO Company before hiring; it prevents you from falling into a trap and sticks yourself to a genuine company. Apart from that, if you have any other doubt or question in your mind feel free to ask and, it's their duty to keep you satisfied with their answers. It’ll give you the confidence that your project or brand image is in the safe hands. So, instead of getting fooled, be smart enough to invest in the right assistance.