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Neither We are Indians Nor-Westerns

Neither We are Indians Nor-Westerns

Neither We are Indians Nor-Westerns

Saturday February 11, 2017,

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Sometimes, I really feel hurtful when I see the dual standards of Indian society. I really feel bad when I see people making fun of someone on weirdest parameters. The cliche is in our mind Like if a foreigner is speaking Hindi with the wrong accent not so clear even with bad pronunciations we find it cute because he/she is trying to speak a language which is not their native one but the Vice- Versa is not acceptable.

Somedays back I saw an incident with one of my good friend. He was talking something to our faculty regarding some project work. The conversation was going good and there was not at all any language barrier. Even the faculty didn’t have any problem. Everything was going smooth and steady.

Once the conversation is over and my friend was about to leave the faculty room I heard someone whispering like “Gavar Kaha Kaha se aa jate hai English Tak Nahi Aati” and that sound compelled me to write this article on behalf of all those students or people who can’t retaliate to these voices.

Sadly being a keen thinker I am very much disappointed with today’s youth. Today in this changing world people are changing, lifestyle, clothes, fashion, trends all are changing but sadly the mindset and the thought process is still same as the old age.

Someone has rightly said today we are stuck in a phase where neither we are Indians nor Westerns. We are just in between these two worlds. We want to dress, talk, look like the westerns but cannot surpass our thinking like them.

Just think your single statement can kill the self-confidence of a person making him feel hesitated always. Modernisation is good but Is it alright to lose your values in trying to become someone who we are not ?.Language is just a medium to express our thought It doesn’t give you right to judge anyone.

I have certain disappointment from youth.Considering myself as a youth I have seen many of my friends doing debate with their parents on irrelevant issues and calling it independence. Being a rebel to your loved ones doesn’t give you freedom. Weed, Smoking, Swearing, Drinking has become a style statement to most of the youth.

I would say that our youth is smart but not using their smartness. I have seen people sharing different posts and message and sharing them without having any proper information making someone a Hero or a loser. The power of social media is limitless and youth play a major role in making this shark big.

Six months back there was an incident when a man was accused of teasing a girl. The entire internet went crazy in ranting the guy. Celebs were posting tweets applauding the girl power. If that was true I would have praised that girl but unfortunately, it was the girl who was the convict. If the people who shared those messages tried to dig into the reality there might be less chance of making someone a fake accuser.

All I want to say is that we are the youth we are the future generation of this big country. If social media is giving you the freedom to explore the world or to communicate please use it wisely but remember not to lose your identity in becoming someone who we are not. Following the saying of

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” The world is a family. I am leaving you with a thought. You just need to explore.

-Shivam Aggarwal