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VenueInDelhi - My Dream Project

Wednesday November 23, 2016,

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1. What is “Venue in Delhi?”

 VenueInDelhi.com is an online wedding planner website which facilitates the clients to search not only venues but also provides a complete wedding solution. The company has a formal tie-up with a number of venues, which includes farmhouses, banquet halls, 5 star hotels & other wedding venues in the NCR region, to book their property for the event on a particular date. The company provides a one-point solution to their customers for the successful arrangement of the event.

2. How did the idea of “Venue in Delhi” originate in your mind?

It’s not about how the idea originated. Ideas come and go but the thing is, choosing the right idea and taking the right action. The idea of “Venue In Delhi” also came in my mind though some circumstances of my life. I found that in Metro like Delhi people didn’t aware of wedding venues because many of them are outsider, Wedding planners are charging a big amount of money for planning all this stuff that many people can’t afford, there are already some website but they have insufficient information with lot of advertisement and the most important they are not providing any offline support.

3. What is the story behind the name of Venue in Delhi?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when u start your wedding preparations. Yes… it’s the Venue. Delhi is somewhere I started my career with, so “Venue in Delhi” it is. Easy to position, easy to recall.

4. What makes Venue in Delhi different from peer group?

Our motto is to make an event successful with new and Innovative ideas through personalized one on one support to our client. We provide both online and offline solution to the clients for booking a venue and organizing the complete event. We have an expert consolidated team of the different operation of events and weddings together which differentiates us from our peer group. We are surely striving to be #1 sooner than later.


1. Why did you choose event industry only, did you find it more profitable?

Wedding Planning is an untapped industry that is gradually growing and going to be a game changer in near future. There is huge demand for creative professionals with great management skills. Although the industry is still unorganized, we can give it a revolutionary change. And of course events are not going to be hit by Recession. Even if they are, Weddings are not going to go off-track.

2. What kind of hard work you did to launch it (Struggling days and difficulties) and how much time it took from a simple idea to launch? (Business - Plan)

There is a lot of groundwork behind the launching of Venue In Delhi. We have marketed the organization to various regions of Delhi NCR. We went and met the owners of different venues which is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Many a time you need proper appointments and still you don’t get to meet them. Selling your concept to people also isn’t an easy task.

3. What were the main key points that motivated you at the time of struggling?

Passion and self-motivation apart from self-belief are the main key-factors behind the making of an entrepreneur. Sometimes you may find yourself alone standing in a corner of the world, but this is the time that encourages and motivates you to recreate your idea and prove your worth as an individual.

4. How did you market your service after launch? Is there any strategy/ action plan or it’s just random? 

Of-course we have action plan for marketed our service and it vary from mode to mode of communication from time to time. There is specific fund for various communication mediums whether it is online or off-line.

5. Have you calculated your success or it’s just a coincidence that you reached here?

Success is still a big word me and my organization but yes when I stared this I had a dream that still need to be achieved. My focus is only to reach there rather than thinking for success or failure, and of-course when I will be there it surely a success.


1. What is the future expansion plans and where do you see your company 5 years down the line?

 Its just the start and still a long way to go. But yes, we do have an action-plan for the future. 5 years down the line, definitely the #1 in the industry and expansion to various other cities.

2. What is the environment of your company for employees?

Sophisticated laptops, wireless internet, a post baby boomer generation demand for a healthier work life balance, have resulted flexible working becoming louder. And in the event industry the job sharing is important and you need not to be rigid about the working hours.

3. What do you think is single most important attribute for becoming an entrepreneur?


4. What do you want to say to the budding entrepreneurs, whose parents tell them that this field took much more investment or do not provide a sensible profit?

Every business has to start from a scratch. Nothing gives you profit from day one. Have faith and do not lose confidence. Maintain your self-esteem and one day your parents will be proud of you and your decisions.

Thankyou so much if you read the whole story with so much patience, actually i tried to put my answers in questionnaire form rather then to tell my story or about my plan. This is what i started with and will definitely take it to the new heights.

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