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Interesting things you should know about white gold promise rings

Interesting things you should know about white gold promise rings

Wednesday March 29, 2017,

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Before two people exchange the engagement rings, they offer each other a promise of being faithful and commit their love to each other. This is the ceremony that takes place between many couples. And just like a ring is required for marriage, a promise ring plays the role of binding two souls together. It is the way that two people ensure each other that they intend to get married in the future.

When it comes to offering a ring of promise to the partner, white gold promise rings are the first choice that comes to mind. Why? Because it has that charm and beauty of the engagement ring and look really trendy at the same time. This is the main reason why most couples love to exchange these type rings. However, very few people know the interesting facts about this beautiful jewelry.

Here, in this article, you will find the most interesting facts about this ring.

The history of promise rings white gold

Since the concept of promise started in the 15th century, these beautiful rings have been a part of the tradition. The young couples in England used to offer engraved rings along with the beautiful letters. These letters used to have the expression of love in a poetic manner. However, the real effect of these jewelry types took the leap in the last decade, when people started looking at the mesmerizing designs of it. Plus, the jewelers also started making efforts and worked hard to bring new designs of these rings.

The celebrity effect on white gold diamond promise rings

The present generation really admires the style and fashion of their favorite celebrities. The couples do so many things just like their favorite stars do. This has given a lot of popularity to these types of jewelry. Mainly due to the fact that many young worldwide known stars started wearing these pieces. A few names of the stars who have this jewelry are Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers. This has given an amazing boost to the popularity of the jewelry and many young couples have started gifting it to each other.

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Different reasons of white gold promise rings for her

There can be many different reasons why women can have this piece. The love bond, the friendship, the promise, and the purity, the reasons can change according to the person who is offering the ring. Sometimes, parents offer these pieces with a promise that their daughter will abstain from sex until she gets married. Guys offer the specially made pieces to their girlfriend with a promise that they will stay loyal, or marry in the future. Adding to that, best friends can also exchange these pieces to give more strength to their friendship. The promise of being a true friend and not complicating the relationship is what helps two people stay together.


So, these are all the interesting facts about the white gold promise rings for girlfriend. Now, you can easily pick one and offer it to someone special in your life.