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ZAV Foundation- "A step for brighter future"

Friday January 13, 2017,

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ZAV Foundation,An NGO that thrives to bridge the gap between education and individuality is currently working in six states Tamil Nadu, Karnataka,Telangana,Andra Pradesh,Rajasthan and Maharasthra and has it's headquarter in Bangalore.

It was started on 5th on January 2008 with a vision of "Live-Grow-Change-Create" by Aman Jain with the help of 7 volunteers. “First time I visited a government school, it was difficult for me to answer all of their questions. Then I realised their interests and potential and decided to improve the standards of these schools” says Aman. “I feel the main problems are the conventional teaching methods, limited resources and level of technology used,” he adds.

ZAV Foundation Initiatives


 A career guidance workshop for 10th and 12th students,is one of the earliest ventures of ZAV. Not        all students have access to information pertaining to the career options available to them,they tend       to take up conventional careers purely out of ignorance regarding available career options,with the motive of helping students choose their career option this initiative was started. 

 In addition to engineering and medicine,lectures on various other fields including arts,astronomical        sciences,journalism,public relations,teaching,analytics,event management,nursing,civil           services,designing etc are integral part of careerz program. . 


Centre for Developmental Studies and Research (CSDR) is the only non-academic research institute situated in Western Rajasthan. It is established by ZAV foundation,Bangalore for carrying out research on developmental issues using a multidisciplinary approach.It facilitates autonomous research through field action,training and capacity building.the centre aims to foster a culture of enquiry amongst students and scholars and promote learning by insight.

3)Leadership program

ZAV foundation organizes YOUreka for young college students and YOUreka+ for working professional and women.It offers the opportunity for the youth to grow,develop and practice principles of togetherness and self-reliance.


Neev is a non-forma educational paradigm for school students where workshops are delivered in 5 different categories.Hobbies,ICCWC,Personality Plus,Heritage Plus,Forum of civic awareness.In NEEV,professionals from varied fields visit classrooms and share facts about their field of interest.The main aim of this workshop is to create awareness about the general working of everyday objects around us focusing on the science and philosophy behind them.

5) Prayati

Prayati is a ZAV foundation's health and hygiene initiative.Understanding the principle need to have healthy and sustained society ,ZAV has developed "Prayati" to cater to the need to make the society much healthier.