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8 Impactful ways to create your event stage design !

What is Event ?– An event is a planned occasion conducted for a particular purpose. It includes social/life cycle events, education career events, sports events, entertainment events, political events, corporate events, religious events or fundraising/cause related events.

8 Impactful ways to create your event stage design !

Thursday August 24, 2017,

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What are the elements of the event ?

Event Engagement

Event announcement


Number of Attendees

Reservation of seats

Guest Speaker

Stage setup

Camera and lights

Event Coordinators



Post Engagement Conversation

Here are the best 8 ways to build successful event through stage design :-

The event becomes prosperous only when the setup is perfect. So you need to have the right presentation outline to achieve your event goals.

Select the perfect height –

Recognise the peak of audience eyesight and accordingly decide the height of the stage. The normal size of stage identified for audience up to 200 is 1.5 feet off the ground. The size is totally dependent on 2 aspects, one is the number of the audience attending the event and another one is the height of venue available to you. However, the main objective is to give the clear view of the stage display to the viewers.Height matters when the performance is executed on the dais.

Utilise the most vigilant lights –

Lighting plays a very important role in any event. Lights highlight the speaker or performer standing on the podium. The lights should be clear and sharp spotting the spokesperson. Many people find out this is some simple idea but lights are the essential element of the stage. It not only covers the speaker but also takes into account while photography and video shooting.Black out the entire room and spot the lights. Supervise the lights at the backstage to have the energetic brightness in the environment. Stage lights should have different profiles.

Sound should be loud and clear –

Sounds are equally important as lights. The sound is the voice of the speaker which reaches to the audience. The sound system plays the role of communicator between the orator and the listeners. The stronger the voice, it creates positive vibes in the surrounding.

If the venue is in square shape then there must be at least one speaker in one corner likewise connecting all corners. Make sure that count of the audience and the audibility of the speaker are equivalent to each other.The count of speakers should be 4 for every 200 crowds.

Speakers differentiate according to the event. If it is an entertainment program then bass and mass volume speakers are required. But if there is any formal conference then there must be a PA(Public Address) system.

 Choose microphones depending on speakers –

Microphones are the reader of speaker’s speech. The presenter is of various types,one who walks around the stage utilises the whole space and the other one who sticks to the podium.

There might be any possibility, we need to be ready with every option- lapel mics, lectern mics as well as cordless mics for the audience if anyone wants to ask any question. The most important thing is the event coordinator needs to stay at the backstage be ready for passing the mics whenever required.

Label the lectern –

Labelling is the marketing aspect of any brand. If you are the organised boards and posters will play the role of media display. But if the lectern is labelled with your brand logo it will catch the eye of the audience as they will be seeing the logo every time they look at the speaker.

The brand logo need not be covered with information but only label displaying your brand with a plain colour theme.

Transparency –

The event needs the audience attention so keep the stage sweet and simple. The more decorative the environment will be the crowd will be distracted and looking around the stage. We suggest keeping it simple so that the event is conducted in a successful manner and the objectives are achieved.

Easy access –

If the presenter finds it confusing and complicated access to the stage work then the successful event might drop-down.You need to have multi layered panelling system in order to create ease for the performer. If the event is about entertainment the performer will use different areas of the stage to enter the stage or if any prop setup is required between the performance.In the case of any formal conference, also there need to be multiple entry ways in case the performer requires any kind of object on the stage.

Time and size matters –

At the end, we need to look at the most important part that is time and size. You need to have a perfect plan regarding the event. Schedule the event clockwise and complete every part of the event in time. Divide the event into a time slot, bifurcate each activity so that the event is successfully conducted.

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