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How Townscript's Event Manager app will change the way you manage events

Event Check-ins, Track Event Ticket sales and much more!

How Townscript's Event Manager app will change the way you manage events

Thursday June 23, 2016,

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It's been long 3+ years helping Event Organisers manage events in India and in other countries. Helping Event Managers in making their event successful has been our passion and we have been working day night to solve their problems. After working with more than 7500 events in couple of years, we found out few of the pain points that were not being solved with a tradition desktop event ticketing management platform. 

Few of the big pain points of Event Organizers which we identified have been :

- Event Managers have to login on their desktop dashboard to check ticket sales details.

- At last moment, it becomes difficult, specially for small event organisers to check out how many ticket sales are happening real time.

- There are lot of refunds/cancellation/ticket transfer request which organisers get, you have to again open your computer to do the same.

- In case of an event with 300+ event audience it becomes painful to check-in attendees at the event. Generally, you manage check-ins by taking print out of attendee list and it becomes extremely difficult to search attendees in very big lists. In case of a large scale event, we observed that people were standing in long queues to get their physical passes, even after buying tickets online.

To solve above pain points, we found a solution in the form of a mobile app which will solve all the above mentioned issues and make event managers' life easier.

The Mobile App will be first launched on Android Platform.

Townscript's Event Registration Management App

Townscript's Event Registration Management App

Below are some benefits of the Event Manager app:

As an organiser, you will have to login in the app. You will be able to see all your upcoming past and future events

- You will be able to see the number of tickets that have been sold for your event.

- You will be able to check number of tickets sold by the type of tickets. Example: How many VIP, Student, Professional tickets sold?

- You will able to see, how much money is pending to transfer by Townscript to your bank account.

- You will be able to refund/cancel or transfer tickets of registered attendees.

- Attendee Check-ins with the help of QR code scanning : 

This is going to be a game changing feature to help you check-in attendees within seconds. Attendee will be bringing his e-ticket which will have a QR code. You will be able to scan the QR code in milliseconds and the platform will automatically search that attendee and check-in that person. No need to search him in your printed lists.

- You will also be able to easily track the percentage of people that turned up for your event.

We are launching this app within a week.

Do you have any suggestions to improve the app? Some feature would you like to see in the app? Please let us know in the comments.

About Author : Sanchit Malik (Co-Founder at Townscript