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[Solved] How to Backup PC Data on Cloud? – Quick Solution

Know the best way to backup PC data on Cloud Platform. A quick and easy solution to backup entire computer to cloud storage. Learn a free method to save desktop data in just few clicks.

[Solved] How to Backup PC Data on Cloud? – Quick Solution

Friday November 22, 2019,

5 min Read

Are you also wondering why you should also archive your computer over cloud? And how to backup PC data on cloud? If yes, then you are in right place. This blog will help you in understanding the simplest way to backup your entire computer data over the cloud storage. It contains the best method and an alternative free solution to take backup over cloud. But before that, you should also know why to backup computer files to cloud storage.

Why You Should Backup PC Data on Cloud?

Due to the increasing popularity of cloud platforms all over the world, most of the users prefer to migrate their data to cloud storage. As we all know that the future of technology is over the cloud. So it becomes necessary for users to find the right method to migrate their data. Similarly, most users are now started moving their local storage data to cloud storage. So that they can easily access their local storage data from anywhere and anytime, just by using the internet. It helps you in managing and sharing their data with others at any point in time.

Also, backing up your PC data on cloud help you in case, if somehow you delete or lose your data from local storage. Apart from that, we know that corrupter data are hard to recover, If you have a backup copy on cloud storage then you can easily recover data from there.

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What are the Benefits of Moving Over Cloud Platform?

Following are the top benefits of backing up PC data on cloud:

  1. Access data anytime and anywhere
  2. Increase storage space on demand
  3. Simple to manage data over the cloud
  4. Easy to share data with others
  5. Copy of local storage data as a Backup

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User Query -

Elizabeth Winter Asks on Quora – "How can I save my entire computer data over my cloud storage? Due to some official work, my company is sending me to a different state for a few weeks. I use both personal desktop and Office desktop for storing my data. It is not possible to carry any of them. So, i am looking for a method to backup PC data on cloud storage. Please provide a quick and easy method to solve my problem. Thanks in Advance!"
Rebecca Asks on Reddit – "Hello All! Recently my company bought a cloud storage platform and we have decided to backup entire computer data to cloud storage. We need a quick and reliable solution to solve our problem. Good Day!"

What are the Method to Backup Entire Computer to Cloud?

There are commonly two methods to backup computer files to Cloud:

1. Using Automated tool to backup complete data quickly – 100 % safe

2. Use Drag and Drop function to upload each file manually

Method #1: Backup PC data on Cloud Quickly – Automated Solution

The simplest method to backup your computer's entire data to your desired cloud storage platform is by using File System Migration Tool. This software helps in backing up your complete PC data into a cloud storage platform of your choice. It can back up each and every file type without any hassle.

Steps to Backup PC data on Cloud using Automated tool

1. Download and Install the software

2. First, Go to Settings option >> Add JSON file >> Enter Activation code

3. Choose the file /folder /drive from your PC that need to backup

4. Apply Filter to Include / Exclude any file type

5. Enter destination cloud storage id >> Connect

6. Choose the folder where you need to backup >> Click on Start

Note: Using this method you can backup entire computer to cloud in just a few clicks. Also, you can choose the plan for the tool according to your storage limit.

Method #2: Traditional Method to Backup Cloud Data

The common method to backup desktop files to cloud is by using drag-drop functions. Although, it looks simpler method to save computer data, to backup entire computer to cloud takes time using this approach. Also, the chance of missing a file during the backup process is also a factor.

Steps to Backup Computer to Cloud Storage, Manually

1. Go to browser >> Open destination cloud storage platform website >> Login

2. Now, Open the file location, you need to backup to cloud.

3. Select the files / folder then Copy the files.

4. Go back to destination cloud storage platform and Paste the file in the desired folder

5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each folder in drives.

Note: The method of drag & drop is not available in all cloud storage platform. Also, the traditional approach (drop & drop) takes too much time to backup entire computer data to cloud.


In this blog, we have tried to explain the method to backup PC Data on Cloud and why you should perform a backup. The solution contains two methods, one by using an automated tool to backup quickly and another is by using a traditional approach. Both the methods are in working condition and safe to use. You can try any method you like to backup computer files to cloud storage platform of your choice.