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Bangalore and the wise ideas to be a successful entrepreneur here

Bangalore and the wise ideas to be a successful entrepreneur here

Wednesday March 13, 2019,

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Silicon Valley of India is home to all the budding entrepreneurs in India. Many young entrepreneurs come here with dreamy eyes. This city, indeed, has given shape to many dreams.

“The Next Decade’s Fastest-Growing Cities”, as Forbes calls it, Bangalore is the name that comes first when you think of startups.

The city has evolved to be home to some of the rich people in India and of course many of the multi-national companies that have given opportunities many young Indian minds.

Lot of entrepreneurs have started their own venture after serving and gathering experience from these IT companies of international level.

Apart from the IT there are many other options that you can go for. Some of the ideas have been briefed below:

Grocery Store

Bangalore is the city of busy people. A lot of the people there live alone or in shared flats as their native town is elsewhere.

Setting up a grocery store will help them get things from nearby without much hassle. Try to set yourself up near office area so that people can shop while they go back home from work.

If you keep a delivery service at your store then it is going to be all the more better. You can take down orders through phone or online and deliver the products on time.


Café can never be out of demand. A place to chill out, reflect, get together, party and drinking coffee, cafes forever stay in trend. With an investment of about 10L you can have a franchised coffee shop or design something of your own. Well-furnishing the café will make it look attractive. The things that are vital to successful running of cafes are price and quality/taste of food and beverage. In order to have proper marketing done you can hit up a startup consultant in Bangalore that will be helping in marketing your brand.

Education Based Startups:

With the changing environment, even education needs are changing constantly. Even after getting a degree, people are not able to get a good job. So you can start an education institute that makes people job ready. You can offer to improve their soft skills, clear their concepts in relevant field so that they become employable. Offer vocational short term courses. Such institutes are much in demand and students are ready to pay thousands of rupees for this work. This is the reason many young entrepreneurs have their eyes on his business.

Bed and Breakfast

This may sound like the hotel services but it is a bit different than the usual hotel room services. This is more like a home stay and provision of breakfast. If you have big home and think that most of it lay unused then you can just get your ad up on the internet. You will need some furnishing in terms of bed sheets, curtains and proper washrooms. This is highly appreciated by tourists who love to stay at home on visits. The breakfast is quite easy. All you have got to do is serve healthy and clean food, pretty much what you are going to eat yourself.


Having bakery will not require much expense. If you are good baker and can prepare finger licking cup cakes and tarts then just get started with this idea. This idea is going to work everywhere in India, irrespective of city. It is more suited for Bangalore because people in Bangalore have a better purchasing power.

Startup consultants

Startup consultants in Bangalore is not something new and innovative. For a city like Bangalore startup consultants is the most common idea that one could conceive. But here, we are talking about profitable business with moderate investment. In that case, business or startups consultants are a perfect idea. Graduating from a business school, this is the best entrepreneurial idea that you can go for.

So these were some of the less risky ideas that are not known to fail very easily, based on the current market analysis. Any business has to be marketed well. This is the time when people search everything on the mobile phone they have. Not having your name up in the search list may never get you clients. Make sure you are a part of digitization age.

Event Management

Event planners are being called upon to develop and stage literally millions of events every year. These events range from first birthday parties to political fundraisers, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, fashion shows, product launches, conferences, graduations, and reunions, to name just a few!

People always plan events and need help doing it. If you have a flair for event management and arrangement; then you can enter into this business; and watch the profits come in.

Mobile App based plumbing, cleaning and electrician service

Every individual requires these services at some point or the other. But the problem arises when they don’t have the time to search plumbers or electricians in their area when they need them the most. In such scenario, if you can provide these services and create an online platform where people can reach you through a click on their smartphone, then you are on the way to create a fortune. As there are many people who want services but don’t have the time to reach for those service providers. You can get a good amount from every single house if you provide plumbing, cleaning and electrician services at their doorstep. Major investment in this business is in marketing. You can start with small scale in one or two locality then expand your serving area slowly.

Organic Food Delivery Business

A lot of people in the city need fresh produce every day. If you can transport farm fresh food from the farms to the city, you can set up an online store and start delivering fresh food to customers.

Career Counseling

Bangalore is a place where one finds a lot of job choices. Career counseling is all about providing the right advice to the students in their career path and to the jobber also who are looking for better career alternatives. With proper expertise, you can start this business in Bangalore with a small investment. Having a career counseling degree is always a plus in this business.

Taxi/Cab Rental Business

This business doesn’t require much effort and can provide you with a considerable monthly income. You can purchase cars and put them on a rental basis. Rent some to local travel agencies and rent the remaining to Ola/Uber. This way you have managed to create a fixed income that you will receive every month. You can also buy more cars with that income and then start your car rental business, reach out to tourists or people in the city who want to book a cab for few days or some occasion and start earning. Though the investment is a bit on the higher side as you will have to purchase cars, but the investment will be worth it as the demand for cab rental services is really high in the city.