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Basic Things about Graphic Design

It is a program for graphic editing, it is worth noting, is the most famous and used in editing, every designer has used this program. Developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Basic Things about Graphic Design

Friday November 01, 2019,

3 min Read

Graphic design is a profession that combines two communication functions, visual and auditory. It is also known as visual communication design or visual design. Currently there is a high demand for these designers, this is graphics to the development of new technologies.

This profession is applied in different fields: advertising graphic design, editorial design, clipping path, web design, information design, corporate identity, packaging and products, among others.

However, you need a certain ability to be a good designer, creativity in design is of great importance, and using your creativity is that you will achieve designer what you think or want.

In recent years, technology has made publishing easier by offering new, more advanced and easy-to-use programs. Nowadays everything is digital, from the minimum design. Some of these programs for editing are: Canva, Coreldraw, freehand, indesing, and many more.


It is a program for graphic editing, it is worth noting, is the most famous and used in editing, every designer has used this program. Developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

It is used by the designer with the objective of removing imperfections and retouching photographs and images and graphics. It is undoubtedly the best-selling and world market leader in applications for image editing.

Photoshop has left in the past its function of being a tool for designers, today it has completely become a tool used by professional photographers around the world, this means that it is only a tool for the deep design of photographs and images.

This program was created in 1991, has its own image format but also supports many types such as: JPG, PNG, GIF, and some others.

  • PSD

This is the standard format of the Photoshop tool.

  • PSB

It is a format for larger and heavier documents, where it supports all the features of Photoshop. You can save images in HDR. These documents saved in PSB cannot be opened in other editing applications or earlier versions of Photoshop.

There is also another application of the Adobe Photoshop tool which is used by some designers, this tool is Photoshop Express. It is an application for smartphone image editing and also allows the creation of collage is free and created by Adobe Systems.

Speaking a little deeper about Adobe Photoshop, this is an indispensable tool for the world, photography, illustration, art, fashion and film is thanks to this program. On the other hand, it is an easy program to learn since there are many tutorials about how to use this program.

Other basic programs used in design

Other programs such as Adobe Illustrator is a graphics editor that works with a drawing board, known as a "work table" and its main function is the artistic creation of drawing and painting for illustration. Also developed by Adobe Systems.

Another program also used professionally for design is Adobe after effects which is another tool also designed by Adobe Systems. It is intended for the creation of special effects and professional motion graphics.

The main strength of this program is the large number of plugins developed by other companies that help lighten the workloads on effects.