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Best Way To Have A Productive Financial Year End!

Best Way To Have  A Productive Financial Year End!

Thursday February 09, 2017,

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Year end, everywhere in the world, calls for celebrations. Financial year end, however, is more like the former’s dreaded cousin. It gets everyone in any business worked up as they chase their targets. All good things, and bad, are reflected in the annual report that follows the financial year end accounts closure. And we all know what repercussions a not-so-good report can have.

Along with a strong leadership and diligent, dedicated employees that are needed to hold the fort, the evolution of the new work style has significantly supported the target chase. We are talking about flexible working.

What was initiated with an aim to better manage desk spaces in the office, has actually proven to be more productive and, thereby, profitable. According to Businessfirst, statistics suggest that more employers should promote flexible working and offer it to their employees on a wider scale to improve employee retention.

Coming back to chasing the targets in financial year end, the company owners and managers spend a lot of time communicating and interacting with their employees, clients, lawyers and investors. And it may not be feasible for everyone involved to be able to be present for these meetings. And that’s where flexible working comes to rescue.

Flexible working is a way of working that suits the workers’ or professionals’ needs. It entails endorsing the flexibility of place, time and working hours, that further grants associated freedom like no dress code. “Work when you please” and “wear what you want” in generally mistaken to be taking work for granted. Contrary to the belief, BT (UK) found a 30% increase in employee productivity.

Digitization and advancements in technology support flexible working. So, during the financial year end, the business owners can connect with anyone they need to via the digital media – emails, chats, conference calls and video conference calls. None of the professionals involved in the discussion are required to be physically present, so they don’t have to cancel/postpone another appointment, a business travel, or a personal trip. Flexible working during financial year end ensures you get the work done without hampering anyone’s other commitments. The professionals and employees can connect from their homes, hotels, airport lounges, coffee shops, or from the latest trending – serviced, shared and coworking workspaces.

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