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Skill India - Now you can learn Cloud Computing at no cost.

Skill India - Now you can learn Cloud Computing at no cost.

Thursday July 21, 2016,

3 min Read

Skilling, upskilling and training for employment is a buzzword in the Government and many corporate companies. This is because of major shifts in technology and the need for people to adapt to these new technologies whether they are in the government or elsewhere. We at have been trying to skill people in our own way, in the area of ERP software development and cloud computing by providing software developers the know-how at a low cost.

In the recent past, a major shift has happened in the software development world. One is the shift towards Cloud computing, the other shift is proliferation of hand held devices. These two shifts have resulted in the need for developers to learn new technologies and new platforms to develop software.

Universities in India have taken note of this and included Cloud computing and mobile computing subjects in the course curriculum. This is a welcome step as students will learn technologies which are in demand.

An undercurrent is passing through the software training industry. Students no longer pay to learn the very basics of software or a technology.

Take learning Azure Cloud computing for instance. A student can learn by goggling what is cloud computing, what is Azure, what are the different components of the Azure platform and its different services etc. This has resulted in a situation where, a student undertaking Azure online or class room course expects the tutor to quickly move on to topics which cover how to use Azure features, how to execute a business task, how to scale up and so on. Recognizing this trend, and with an intention to compete aggressively Microsoft has uploaded a number of videos on their websites. Of course, these videos are heavy with the conceptual aspects and less on practical aspects.

We recognize, basic training has become free which is the way it should be, and advanced training should be fee based.

Responding to this need and reality, we have compiled a set of 100+ core Questions and Answers on Azure, reading these will enable a student learn what constitutes cloud computing with specific reference to Azure cloud computing. Further, we have made all these questions and answers available to everyone, and they are available here:

We have opened a separate channel for all engineering college students in India and we conduct open online sessions for the students so that they get hands on exposure to cloud computing.

Our main focus is to teach programming skills which will help students who are appearing for interviews and for gainful employment.

The questions are designed so that a student preparing for Microsoft certification exams can begin here and see for themselves they would like to take up the certification exam which is expensive and challenging. Additionally, students can call me on any Saturday during office hours and get clarifications on these questions and answers free of cost.

I am grateful to my colleagues and my company who have agreed to spare me and having allowed me to pursue this free training program.

Promoter - Bharati.K, Author: Four books on Azure and ERP Software, Trainer: .Net technologies and Azure.

Contact : 9148225062