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Predictions To Define The Role Of IoT In The Healthcare Industry

Predictions To Define The Role Of IoT In The Healthcare Industry

Monday October 30, 2017,

4 min Read


Healthcare industry is swiftly stepping towards expansion with the arrival of IoT technology. You might be using IoT devices to sustain a better lifestyle & monitor various tasks in a smart way but are you familiar with the dominating role of IoT apps in the medical field? Of course, the contribution of IoT app development in the Healthcare industry favors its significance in facilitating better treatments & perform clinical procedures with an ease.

Doctors majorly prefer using IoT-enabled instruments & devices for precise and quick treatments. The predictions favoring the rise of IoT industry conspicuously revealed that:

1. The market share of IoT-based medical devices will reach 17.71 billion dollars by 2020.

2. Internet of Things will revolutionize Healthcare as IoT apps will dominate over the proposed concept based on the doctor-patient treatment model in the upcoming 5 years.

3. Patients will continue using IoT apps on their wireless portable devices to self-monitor their health conditions at home.

4. Surgeons, patients, nurses, & practitioners will prefer using IoT apps for in-depth analysis & treatment accuracy.

5. A shift towards IoT app development will facilitate patients to measure, monitor, & determine their health status minimizing the need for regular visits to the doctor & routine check-ups.

6. Wearable technology & IoT app development will go hand in hand to serve favorable facilities to healthcare providers, medical researchers, & patients.

The combination of “Internet of Things” with wearable technology together introduced innumerable options for easier & smart health management. Both patients & their healthcare providers access IoT apps for interaction, guidance, consultations. You must consider this fact that the evolution of IoT technology played a key role in the growth of medical industry and that’s why, it is predicted that IoT app development service providers will have a bright future in the healthcare field.

To understand the powerful role of IoT technology in the medical field, you need to learn the given-below predictions that are defined in favor of IoT app development:

Keeping Health Status On Track And Monitor On Finger Tips

Time and money matter a lot especially in case of expensive & prolonged treatments. IoT apps are customized to enable advanced analysis of patient’s health conditions with relative ease and support.

Internet-friendly medical equipment will be utilized to perform the fastest & simplest treatment procedures and health check-ups via IoT apps meant for secure data transfer. Today, IoT apps for healthcare are majorly accessed to:

1. Monitor patient’s health status

2. Track blood pressure & pulse rates

3. Healing & breathing patterns

4. Analyze variations on blood sugar level

Customizing Medical Devices For a Specific Individual

IoT-enabled medical devices will become patients specific and help doctors cure certain deformity of an individual with minimal recovery time and treatment costs. IoT app development is advantageous for every healthcare provider as it facilitates users by:

1. Cutting down the medical expenses

2. Customizing devices as per the patient’s medical conditions

3. Making smart equipment for improved health

4. Providing help to diagnose person’s disease accurately & quickly

Delivering Appropriate Medical Services During Emergency

Sometimes, even a single second of hurry for right treatment is crucial to make a gap between life & death. In other words, you can save an individual’s life with right aid without wasting time during the emergency. IoT apps can help in this context by:

1. Regulating traffic & open routes for ambulance

2. Determining patient’s location with navigational feature

3. Reach to the patient as quickly as possible

4. Give right treatment to a person as a first aid

Facilitating Patients With Advanced Healthcare Services

Today, doctors & surgeons prefer using IoT apps to deliver highly personalized, secure, and on-time Healthcare services to their patients. IoT app development is a fruitful idea for the betterment of health facilities and it helps in:

1. Getting updated info & data on any disease, medicine, research, or doctors

2. Easy & smart health maintenance

3. Remote patient’s fitness graphs across various IoT devices

4. Manage hospital staff and workflow

5. Save & secure patient’s health history

6. View data analysis reports through internet-friendly gadgets

7. Perform treatments & surgery with utmost precision

Wrap up!

Unquestionably, the wide sphere of healthcare & medical industry adopted IoT technology to unveil manifold pathways for better health. According to the analysts, there will be an explosive rise in the number of IoT app users by 2020 along with the estimations of around 50 billion connected devices in the same year. Now, it becomes easier to define the importance of IoT app development in the Healthcare industry.