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    100 ways to make money online in 2018

    By Rahul Sihmar
    January 27, 2018, Updated on : Thu Sep 05 2019 07:13:35 GMT+0000
    100 ways to make money online in 2018
    There are Thousands of Ways to Make Money Online In 2018 and You can Leverage Them 
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    In this new era of internet and computers, it has become very easy for people to earn money by using these facilities. The work of people have become very easy as they can sit at their home and by making use of internet they can complete their work. 

    But choosing the right job is also very important there are many opportunities that a person can grab.


    Due to availability of many options to people they can find the job they like blogging, selling goods on internet etc.

    So here are 100 ways that can help you earn money online:

    1. You can earn money very easily online by doing micro jobs these are the short task such as writing comments, reading emails, completing a survey etc.

    2. Blogging is one of the methods that are being used by many people nowadays to earn money also take sometimes initially but after some time, this will be very beneficial for you as it provides both freedom and huge income.

    3. There are many freelance sites that can offer different jobs that you can do for your client's services

    4. There are dozens of popular freelance sites that offer you hundreds of different jobs that you can do for your clients. You can provide many services like web designing, writing, video maker, SEO, graphic design etc.

    5. Many people make 90% of the total income either because of Google or directly from Google. Google is regularly for AdSense income for this you must have a website or a blog so that you can place AdSense ads on your page and whenever people click on that AdSense Google pays you 68% of the income received by it from that advertisement.

    6. You can also on money by vlogging that is video blogging by uploading your videos on YouTube if the video is liked by people and seen by a particular amount of people then you can earn money by partnering with Google.

    7. You can also try network affiliate market where you can sell products on behalf of different companies like Clickbank Commission junction etc thousands of Windows are present here and you can sell the product there.

    8. You can also try individual affiliate marketing it is different from network affiliate marketing as in this you can sell the products of a particular company only.

    9. You can also on money by shortening the URL you can shorten a particular URL and share it on the network.

    10. You can easily on commission by becoming a marketer on eBay or Amazon why do you can sell products on the behalf of these eCommerce websites.

    11. You can do many content writing jobs or copywriting jobs online through which you can earn a lot of money.

    12. You can also earn money by writing reviews about different movies restaurants etc.

    13. You can also provide Consultancy Services to different people according to the job that you are exporter you can provide online help to these people.

    14. If you are an SEO expert then you can provide these services to the various websites you are looking for increasing traffic to the website with the help of SEO.

    15. You can also go for SEM that is search engine marketing which is an extension of "SEO" where you can market products.

    16. You can always provide newsletters to the clients who follow you and you must keep in mind all the details that you have to enter in the newsletter according to the needs of the client.

    17. Email marketing is also very popular nowadays this is similar to sending newsletters but in this, you send sales mail to different people and turn them into future prospects.

    18. You can also send email database to the market is world looking to market products to customers and if the database is not appropriate anyone will buy your database.

    19. Degree online availability of jobs you can also become an online its are you can provide employees to the particular companies world looking for people to work in their offices for this you must have a good HR profile.

    20. You can also market your product on social media says nowadays people are using these networking sites very much and I influenced by the information that is shown on these websites so you can very well market a product on the social networking sites.

    21. You can also become social media manager as people also need to manage their social media so as to market the products.

    22. You can also become an online PR form as earlier these services were only limited to the television news papers but now as the world is going online these services are very beneficial.

    23. Domain selling is also one of the criteria that can be used for you to earn money online you can buy certain online domains and sell them to different people at the high price.

    24. You can also if it this website's of the clients if you are experienced in WordPress plugins you can add codes to their website and then deliver it to them.

    25. You can also use website flipping to earn money It is seen as doing sleeping but in this to don't only sell a particular domain but sell a website.

    26. You can write different quotes for fixing a problem that the client is facing the coding process is very popular nowadays and if you know coding then you can earn a lot of money online.

    27. Developing mobile app is also one of the options that you can use for earning the money online.

    28. You can also find menu translating jobs in which you have to translate from one language to another and it can help you on the money.

    29. You can also provide tech support to the customers of a particular company as these companies outsource their services.

    30. You can also provide virtual assistant to the people here you have to attend meetings and advise people.

    31. You can also do many different data entry jobs in this you have to get 90% accuracy and there are many scammers that are present online who do not provide legit data entries jobs.

    32. You can also do many survey filling jobs as you get money according to the types of surveys that you feel the number of or surveys.

    33. You can help the companies like Google etc to give feedback from people that we are using their products and getting feedback from people is a very important job for these companies.

    34. You can also earn money from different cashback sites such as eBay etc.

    35. You can also do online tutoring jobs where you can teach Students by providing video lectures to them.

    36. You can also do PTC that is paid for clicking jobs where you have to click on the links and earn money.

    37. You can also do podcasting if you have information about a particular service then you can make videos about it and share it online.

    38. You can also write books and sell them online as people constantly look for good books to read on the phone.

    39. Also become a columnist for a newspaper where you can write articles for the online newspaper.

    40. You can also become online journalist where you can provide news to various newspapers for writing on the online versions of them.

    41. If you can create a content that can go viral then you can reduce 1 and then earn money by sharing it more and more.

    42. If your blog is becoming famous then you can Collab with many other advertisements and show them on your blogs so that you can earn money from them.

    43. If you know how to edit a website and make it more attractive than you can get a contract of many of the companies to make the website attractive so as to attract more traffic towards them.

    44. There are many online apps that can be used for getting cash back or points by referring  to other people and then you can earn money through them.

    45. Giving space to other people to publish their advertisement on your web pages is also a method to earn money online.

    46. You can also make membership sites which are made for solving problems of a particular group of people.

    47. If you have knowledge about something then you can share your expertise on the blocks present on different websites and get paid by Google.

    48. If you can't have your own blog then you can earn money by writing blogs for other websites and sharing your information with them.

    49. CPA cost per action is also a method of earning money online where you can get paid whenever a person signs up for your website.

    50. You can also earn money by designing the front pages of magazines or different websites.

    51. You can also sell your old books online so as to earn money.

    52. Have knowledge about a particular subject then you can make E-books of that subject  and also share videos of that subject.

    53. You can also earn money by selling gadgets online such as iPhones etc.

    54. You can also earn money by selling different photographs to people.

    55. You can also sell paintings and art online as nowadays people are also interested in purchasing arts.

    56. Similarly, you can also say other types of art that you create on your own.

    57. If you have a good voice then you can sing a song and then upload it online and it becomes popular than people may collaborate with you and you can earn money very  easily.

    58. You can also create your own Merchandise and sell them online as people are looking forward towards buying new products which are unique.

    59. You can also invest money online and then can return according to the website in which you have invested.

    60. You can also get involved in stock trading as stock price increases or decreases due today so there is a possibility that you can earn a lot of money.

    61. You can also get involved in Forex trading do this forex trading is illegal in many countries.

    62. Sponsored links and sponsored post can increase the value of your web page and help you earn money by attracting more traffic to a website.

    63. You can earn money by managing their Twitter account.

    64. Also, get paid for liking a page on Facebook however these jobs are not long lasting.

    65. There are many credit card companies that provide sign up boxes for the customers online and if you can convince customers for feeling these Boxes then you can earn a lot of money.

    66. you can shop on someone else's behalf from a different website and earn Commission or get speed for shopping for them.

    67. Companies are constantly looking for people for giving them feedback about the product you can use the products and tell them about the flaws of the product.

    68. But playing games online also you can earn a lot of money as wearing companies create these games and want to test the games

    69. Launching a website of the company the company wants to test the website so if you run this website and inform them out the bugs present on that website then you can getpaid.

    70. Crowdfunding is also one of the methods in which you collect money from people for a productive purpose.

    71. It may be an article but you can make a lot of money but collect the money for charity from different people.

    72. Online gambling sites also very popular like playing online Rummy provides you with a lot of money if you win a game.

    73. You can also on money by blogging about cooking food and travelling blogs happy to come to know about a lot of information from this blogs so they are interested in paying for them as well.

    74. Nowadays many different insurances are also being sold online.

    75. You can also provide web services and pollution development services to the people who are facing different problems on their website.

    76. An e-commerce website is one of the main methods of earning money online as people are nowadays very much attracted towards online shopping you can sell your website with unique products and if people buy it then you can earn a lot of money.

    77. You can also start a real estate web portal where people can look through various properties to buy in sell.

    78. Reservation and ticketing portal is one of the main ways of earning money online as you get Commission for each and every ticket booked through your website.

    79. You can buy cheap products and sell them on Quikr.

    80. You can also open comparison websites where you compare different deals and tell people about which deal is beneficial for them.

    81. If your blog is famous then you can always collaborate with online ads and branding agencies.

    82. You can also sell coupons of a website like Amazon and eBay.

    83. Nowadays many online universities are also gaining popularity as people want to sit at their home and learn new things it is a very good way to earning money.

    84. You can also start resume writing and content writing for people who are not confident about their resumes.

    85. You can buy packs and earn money whenever someone watches your ad or clicks on them.

    86. There are many different reward sites to which you can earn money by listening to their music by watching movies.

    87. You can also get paid for installing different apps and using them for a certain period of time.

    88. By answering the questions of people and giving them advice also you can earn money as people are ready to give any amount of money so that their problem is solved.

    89. You can also start services of Direct TV it is not possible for each and every person to start DirecTV but if you can when it is a very good way to earning money online.

    90. You can also get paid for networking with different bloggers and if anyone wants to get inside the circle thing he had to pay you some money.

    91. You can also create a web portal that allows you to recharge your phone and get a particular amount of cash back on each and every recharge.

    92. You can also start a payment gateway and get Commission on the amount that is paid by using your gateway.

    93. You can also create your own website or pages that can help you earn money.

    94. You can also start live sessions forgot the people who are interested in your videos play for attending your live sessions.

    95. You can also start hosting services so that you can provide support to various websites.

    96. If you know how to promote MLM company then you can earn a lot of money if there are people who know how to promote it.

    97. If you have an expertise in creating an autoresponder then many websites are looking for people who can do that and can pay you very well.

    98. Can also start Kare comparing website where you can compare the deals of different cars and help people.

    99. Similarly, u can also start advising people about investing in shares and bonds.

    100. You can also start your stock brokerage services online but you have to get a certificate from SEBI.

    These are some of the methods that can be used for you to earn money online to investing in the online website is risky but you can earn a lot of money through it.

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