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What are social media campaign strategies?

A social media campaign strategy is a precise version of everything you like to do and desire to get on the social media platform. It channelizes your activities and keep you alert about whether you’re working appropriately or not. 

What are social media campaign strategies?

Wednesday July 25, 2018,

5 min Read

A social media campaign strategy is a precise version of everything you like to do and desire to get on the social media platform. It channelizes your activities and keeps you alert about whether you’re working appropriately or not. 

Each post, reply, share, like, and comment has its own purpose to look for. The more precise your Social Media strategy is, the more valuable the result will be. Keep it limited for a certain time. Don’t make your campaign strategy so complicated and broad that it’s impossible to complete. Read below to learn about different social media campaign strategies.

What are social media campaign strategies?

What are social media campaign strategies?

1. Set goals for a social media campaign

To get a result, proper planning is very much needed. To start a social media campaign, very important activity is to set goal regarding that. If the goal is in your mind, the chances of getting it executed in a proper manner are very high. If goal is precise, you can analyze whether you are proceeding in the right direction or not. The results you are looking for are coming or not are all analyzed by the goals.

Check for meaningful replies, comments on your post. Don’t get excited with the volume of replies or comments, look for meaningful stuff that is related to your campaign. Focus on targets like leads generated, ROI, conversion volume and web referrals. Check out competitor posts on the social media tracking tools, social ads, and other resources for business benefit. You have to track multiple goals for multiple social media channels, as each one has its own functionality.

2. Get to know about the target audience

Researching about the likes and dislikes of the Audience is very crucial before starting a Social Media Campaign. The research will help you to plan the activities in a social media campaign. What is trending currently is a big way to reach the audience. What audience like to see on social media websites is crucial to creating posts and shares. Try designing post as per audience interests. This will let you know more about the needs of your fans, followers, audiences, and customers. All this will let you observe more clearly about what to provide them.

Don’t make any guesses about your target audience. For example, you might think that Twitter is a better medium than the YouTube and Facebook, but before thinking that analyze some stats regarding that. For some campaigns, YouTube is better than Twitter and vice versa. Social media tools can also give a range of valuable data about your brand followers, where they reside, languages they know, and how they react to your campaign. This valuable information’s let you improve your campaign strategy and higher ROI is on the cards.

3. Analyze the Competitor 

Analyzing competitor is a very good option to execute social media campaign strategies. The best way to learn the process of social media strategies is to analyze the competitor. Competitor work teaches a lot and using that in your social media campaign will definitely help. A competitor analysis tool lets you to know who the competitor is and what they’re doing well in their strategies. You’ll surely get a good analysis of what’s trending in the market currently, which will guide you how to set social media targets.

This competitor analysis will also make you aware of the opportunities. For instance, possibly one of your competitors is leading on Twitter but has emphasized less on Facebook or Tumblr. You need to understand from here is that there is a need to focus on the social channels where your target customers served less by your competitor. Try to target your customers where your competitor is less focused.

4. Analyze old efforts

If you are continuously doing the social media campaign strategy for your brand, then it is the time to analyze that work. Analyze what you are doing and what done previously. This will give you all the loophole in your work that is not letting you reach the target. After placing all your data & facts in one location, you’ll have a starting as well as the destination point for your social media campaign. This will improve your results for sure.

Yours analyze should provide you a clear image of what is the goal of your social media accounts. If the goal of social media account isn’t specific, think about its removing. If the account is valuable that requires appropriate transformation, work properly on that for better results. Try to find out the accounts that are fraud and are opened on your brand behalf. Be alert of such bogus accounts.

Always ask questions to yourself like:

• Is my target audience available here?

• If yes, how can I reach them using social media platform?

• If I can use my earlier account to achieve my business goals?

These factors are very effective because many Seo Services Company is also using these factors for increasing Social Media campaign.


All these above points are very important to include in a social media campaign strategy. Make sure you follow them in your campaign. Once you follow them the results will definitely be better than earlier. Read the above points carefully and make a habit to follow them.