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Best B2b Ecommerce Websites 2019

Best B2b Ecommerce Websites 2019

Friday March 08, 2019,

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Best B2b Websites

The desire to grow and make progress is innately present in human beings and they demonstrate this feature quite often. As a result of this instinctive characteristic of human beings, the human world keeps on growing in all aspects. Businesses and economy are not spared from the evolution progress through which all other domains go through consistently. In fact, businesses are one of the most influenced domains and they evolve quite fast. In the present world, businesses have developed a dominant digital marketplace with a lot of different options. Buyers and sellers can establish stronger bonding with the help of different online portals that are bridging long distances and allowing the businesses to reach out to markets beyond boarders.

Becoming a part of these online business platforms is not only important for growing and established businesses, but rather it has become a necessity for them. The reason why connecting your business to the online ecommerce platform is considered an essential undertaking is that this advance method of interacting with the market has already become a leading business concept. Many international buyers and sellers have already accepted ecommerce as an ultimate solution for the future of businesses. They are easier to handle and far more effective than other business platforms, especially for B2B dealings.

B2B business platforms have the capability to transform businesses into much larger corporations with an extensive international business exposure. Businesses cannot only connect with other businesses for selling and buying products, but they also get a lot of other benefits when dealing via ecommerce platforms. If you have not yet registered your business with any of the ecommerce websites, this is high time you do. It does not require huge investments in most cases yet, the benefits that it can attract are outstanding. Let us list down all the significant B2B websites that businesses should consider for having a business account.

Amazon Business

Amazon Business

Amazon business is one of the largest online B2B platforms that exists. The network of Amazon business is significantly huge with a diversified product categories and business types. The site is quite famous for both, retail purchasing and wholesale deals all around the world. Many startups and small companies use this platform for reaching out to a vast business community that encompasses all types of business industries. What makes Amazon Business a preference for many companies are the facilities that it offers to its business clients. The site provide discount offers to the business clients exclusively and also have a strategy to give discounts on large quantity purchases. There are tax-exemption deals for buyers who frequently buy from the site.

Other than this, Amazon Business is a convenient option for those who want to pay for their purchases online. There are other paying methods as well that are facilitated to the businesses. One of the  major benefits of Amazon Business is that it allows its clients to create business accounts that can be used by more than one users at a single time. These multi-user accounts makes it easier for business partners to monitor business activities and provide approvals for the flow of deals effectively. Business partners can also limit the flow of expenditure from a certain account for managing their finances. There is a long list of the benefits that businesses can acquire with Amazon. You can explore further details of the benefits by activating your business account on Amazon free of cost.



eBay is a renowned international business website that has been leading online retail market for long. However, its B2B platform is also a vast network with a wide-ranging supplier body. The site caters a number of different business categories including home appliances, machinery, clothing, and other product types. Since the site was initially working with a focus on retail market where businesses are provided with retail customers, it already had a huge number of visitors and a good business reputation when it reshaped its brand to become more B2B inclined. eBay was a success as an online retail platform and it continued to stay at the top as a B2B site as well.

Currently, eBay is doing a great business in B2B’s domain and the businesses that are a part of this site are consistently growing bigger with wide international exposure. The site provide easy money transaction options and is effective for developing brand recognition. eBay has a far-reaching international network that is continuously rising upward. If you are willing to be a part of a network that will give your business an opportunity to emerge as an international business corporate, you should consider associating it to this large network of business that is unceasingly growing further every day.



eWorldTrade is one of the rising business platforms on the horizon of B2B industry. The site is focused on Chinese industries and provide Chinese resellers, dealers, vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, and traders to influence the international markets. The site works for both retail buyers and wholesale buyers that expands its market. eWorldTrade is not limited to the Chinese markets and it is extended to many other countries and industries. China has a huge industrial market for different products including heavy machinery, clothing, vehicles, home appliances and electronic items, and different other product categories. eWorldTrade effectively connects businesses to a relatively cheaper market of China to ensure higher profits.

The site has relatively less competition as it is not as old, but that makes even better for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Visiting this B2B website can make business owners aware of different varieties of products along with the available price ranges for different types and product qualities. The comparison of prices and quality is made possible by the website as it provides all the details along with the product images. Businesses who are registered with eWorldTrade are reliable and verified. The site also offers a little background for each company that is registered with it in order to build credibility.

Global Sources:

global sources

Global Sources is one of the reliable B2B platforms that has been around since the year 2000. The site was established initially in Singapore to facilitate international buyers and now it is regarded as one of the most used B2B platforms in the world. It provides businesses with a list of credible suppliers and buyers and help them have beneficial international relations. Global Sources is one of the sites to which business pay high amounts in order to become a part of it. That is because the site is highly functional and its members actively interact with the buyers in effective ways. Wholesale manufacturers and suppliers who are associated with Global Sources provide a wide-range of quality products at wholesale rates to businesses.


ec plaza

One of the fastest growing ecommerce websites that business should pay some attention is ECPlaza. ECPlaza is a reputable South Korean website that is multilingual. This is a business site that can help businesses understand international trades in their own language. The site provides its services in four different languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and English. ECPlaza is a success because it has a huge network with around 400,000 businesses who are associated with its network. The network of ECPlaza is extensive and it encompasses a wide-range of business groups from around the globe. The network allows businesses to carry out offline business dealings as well as online dealings. This service helps businesses establish stronger trading relations and grow effectively.

ECPlaza can be used as a platform for price comparisons of products in the international market. Buyers can also have insights about the competition in the market with the help of ECPlaza. Manufacturers and suppliers who are connected with ECPlaza post all the details about their products along with the specifications and prices for the convenience of their consumers. This enhances the user experience and makes it easier for the customers to decide from which provider they should be buying.



Alibaba is a highly reputable B2B website that operates mainly in China. Alibaba is a group of companies that offer different business-related services to international businesses.  Alibaba offers a number of services to the businesses who choose to be registered to become a part of its huge network. The facilities that are offered by Alibaba include cloud storage system and price comparison search engine. The network of Alibaba is one of the biggest B2B networks and it gives businesses a good chance to grow in the international market. Startups and small businesses who want to explore international markets without investing too much can opt for Alibaba. Moreover, businesses that need to contact good manufacturers from China specifically should consider connecting with Alibaba. That is because a large number of Chinese manufacturers and suppliers are registered with Alibaba.

Online markets are a dominant way of business in the year 2019. Businesses need to adapt this way of doing business in order to keep them paced with the advanced ways of running a business in the international market. All of the above mentioned websites are effective for business growth and businesses should join these networks in order to reach out to the most and have optimum benefits.