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Best Money Saving Tips to Help Increase Your Bank Balance

Best Money Saving Tips to Help Increase Your Bank Balance

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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Are you fed up of never actually seeing your back balance enter triple figures at the end of the month? Don’t you feel frustrated having barely any saving? Well, you aren’t alone in this. There are many people around the world who are facing the same problem. Due to rise in inflation and prices on almost every other thing, it has become difficult to fulfill our basic necessities and still manage to save enough.

However, you can still turn this around and buy everything you want without having to spend every penny you earn with some our useful tips.

1.   Draft a Budget

How can you expect to save money if you actually have no clue where you are spending every month? Even if you a soda can, you have to make sure you remember it so next time you ask yourself why there are no saving you are aware where the money went.

By drafting a monthly budget, you can always be prepared with all your expenses and how much potential you have to save. In your budget, write down all your utility bill, rent, fuel expense, grocery and even entertainment. Once you have distributed your monthly income, whatever is left can be added in to your savings account. By being organized you tend to spend less and save more. In addition, you can avoid wasting extra money by knowing what your budget is.

2.   Plan and Create a Shopping List

One great way to avoid overspending in a mall is by creating a list of everything you really need. Malls are filled with sales and special discounts to lure customers and convince them to buy more. However, with a list of all the things you have to buy, you wont lose focus and only spend money on the products in the list. The ability to stop yourself from overspending is the key to increasing your savings.

3.   Maintain an Emergency Fund

Have you ever though what you’ll do if you lose your job? Or, where you’ll get enough money to pay the hospital bill in an emergency? All this is only possible if you have a good amount in your savings account. That’s why we advise all our readers to maintain an emergency fund that can be used in case an emergency occurs. You can fix a percentage of your salary and dedicate it for emergency purpose. That way, you’ll always be prepared to deal with any sort of situation.

4.   Always Have a Meal Before Going For Shopping

Why? Because we get so tired while going store to store that we actually eat out as well. Eating out means spending more than you should. Instead you can have a good meal before leaving your place. That way, you won’t feel hungry as well as have enough energy to visit every store and buy from where you get your products at the lowest price.

5.   Sell All Used Things

If you have a whole wardrobe full of shoes when you really only need a couple of pairs to get around, then you are making a mistake. Not only that, I’m pretty sure you’ve got a lot of stuff that you are really never going to use. If you want to see a rapid rise in your savings account, sell all that unused stuff and deposit all the money you get in return.

Once you are done with that, you should also consider the fact why you actually bought all the things you found useless. With this thought, next time you can go easy on your shopping and only spend money on products you really are going to need. 

6.   Use Coupon Codes

Couponing is on hype, and this trend is a lifesaver for many. Though this technique has been around for quite a long time, you can still use it to save a fortune on almost everything you buy. In addition, with the help you technology, coupon codes can now also be discovered through apps, mobile ads and even free coupon website. You can find many websites that are only operating to provide their viewers the best discounts and coupon codes.

Wrap Up

Though saving money isn’t a walk in the park, it should be focused on to live a peaceful life even after retiring. However, that isn’t possible without you making an effort. Looking for a way to start off, follow our useful tips and experience your saving going up the chart.

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