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Best tools for WhatsApp business marketing campaigns

Friday October 26, 2018,

6 min Read

Marketing in today’s digital world is changing drastically. The key factor for change is the adoption of new technology by the crowd. Marketers started their journey digitally long back with mere directories & cold emails, passing by some of the evergreen marketing channels such as search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, social media sensation like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc., programmatic media buying and have reached to the emerging Q & A platform Quora. But in this overall journey somewhere the household messaging application “WhatsApp” which was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum was missed out by most of the businesses. This application is having more than 1.2 billion monthly users. The good news is slowly and steadily businesses are realizing the power of WhatsApp. To help businesses to smooth sail the path of WhatsApp marketing, Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Tools have entered the market.

What is WhatsApp Marketing? Why should you use it?

WhatsApp is the most sought-after messaging application in the world. The vital factor for its success is the simplicity of the application and the feeling of personal touch. That summons the rationale of 175 million active WhatsApp users.

The huge acceptance of WhatsApp is a golden opportunity for marketers. But until now WhatsApp hasn’t launched any ad platform or business profile similar to the Facebook messaging application for marketers which they can bank on. The bright spot is WhatsApp has confirmed that they are working on developing a discrete business platform. But that hasn’t stopped marketers across the world stop from using WhatsApp in their marketing strategy, only that they are being extremely innovative in their WhatsApp marketing approach if you ask why then read on;

Prerequisite to connect to prospects on WhatsApp is that they should have your contact number saved. Surely you can bombard messages to customer database bought from a third party company without the users having your contact number saved, but we all know what happens after that – “BLOCKED FOR LIFETIME”! No business would dare to take this risk. WhatsApp marketing relates a lot to Email Marketing, wherein getting the consent to contact via email from the users is very important. In WhatsApp marketing along with consent, there is one more extra step; user needs to save your number. It is important to keep in mind that WhatsApp has become users’ dearest largely due its privacy and personal touch. If you invade this then you are doing it wrong. Hence marketers need to be very creative in collecting users’ contact number explicitly.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Tools

1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender

 It is one of the best WhatsApp Marketing Software with the following features;

  • Send messages in bulk whereas a regular WhatsApp account allows you to send 256 messages at once
  • Add unlimited senders by registering multiple contact numbers
  • Personalized inbox
  • Support all multimedia formats
  • Filter out the junk contact numbers
  • Check last seen online

2. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

This company has 3 products for marketers to choose from;

a. Bulk WhatsApp Software

This product allows the marketer to send more than 1000 messages in all available formats such as image, audio, video etc. Some of the advanced features to manage WhatsApp campaign are also provided.

b. WhatsApp Marketing Services

A web-based WhatsApp messaging platform is provided with just 3 easy steps to send messages. Up to 10,000 messages of all formats can be sent.

c. Bulk WhatsApp Channels

Bulk WhatsApp registered numbers are provided for top quality freshly generated WhatsApp channels.

3. WhatsApp SMS Myntra

Some of the key features of this bulk WhatsApp marketing tools are-

  • Simple Campaign creation platform
  • Bulk WhatsApp messaging service
  • Create & schedule WhatsApp campaigns
  • Hassle free contact management
  • Effective tracking of user engagement
  • 100% delivery report

Choose the tool as per your requirement wisely.

WhatsApp For Business

Update: Whatsapp for business has been launched in the month of January 2018 for all advertisers globally

WhatsApp has officially announced that they are working on ways for users to connect to businesses in a closed pilot program. They understand the need of a verified business account with which users can communicate directly with the brand and brands can reach new prospective customers. They are working with small enterprises and as well as big brands in their pilot program. They are taking the feedback from these companies to improve their product. If a business is interested in participating in the pilot program, they can take a survey.

Features of “WhatsApp For Business”

1. New App, New Identity!

WhatsApp has made it a point to differentiate business app from regular app effectively. So the first change will be a changed logo. Supposedly the logo design will be the same, instead of phone icon; “B” for business will be used

2. Increased Convenience

Marketers needn’t be tied down to using the mobile number to register on WhatsApp, WhatsApp For Business will allow businesses to use landline number to register in the application.

3. Automatic Replies

This feature will let you take breathe by setting up automatic responses when you are away. This feature would be similar to the Facebook messenger. This will give an assurance to the user that you will be contacting them soon and portrays high professionalism.

4. Verified Business

Verified business accounts increase the credibility in front of a user. A green tick is all you need to show users that you are a legitimate company and they can converse with you without worries. It also helps you differentiate between the fake brand accounts.

5. Measure Everything

For the success of a campaign, measuring and analyzing the data, making data-driven decisions and optimizing the campaign is a must. In a nutshell, any campaign is incomplete without measuring the data. WhatsApp for business will give you appropriate data points necessary to measure your campaign’s success.

WhatsApp can be a great marketing channel for a business if used cautiously and appropriately. Many brands across the world have realized the hidden potential of WhatsApp. You need to be innovative enough to catch this medium. With WhatsApp’s official product, the gates of possibilities will open up for marketers. Early adopters always have an edge. Be one of them!

So you are ready to leverage these best WhatsApp marketing tools to boost your career.

Image & Video Credits: YouTube, Absolut Unique Access, Hellmann’s Brasil

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