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6 Best Tricks to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website

Learn how you can increase Domain Authority or DA of your website in 6 easy ways.

6 Best Tricks to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website

Saturday April 18, 2020,

6 min Read

There are more than 200 factors that Google Algorithms use to rank a website high on the search engine results page. One such factor which is quite dominant in deciding the rank of a website is domain authority (DA).

It is a number or a metric that shows the authority of your site. The higher your DA is, the more prominent are your odds of positioning higher on SERPs and hence getting more natural incoming traffic. This metric was created by Moz, yet different organizations have made tools that rank domains dependent on various factors and give them a rating starting from 0 and go to 100.

Ranking websites dependent on their authority gained prominence because of PageRank that was presented by Larry Page (Google's Founders) and it is utilized until today as an approach to quantify the significance of websites. 

In this article, SEO expert India will cover the accompanying points:

  • What is domain authority?
  • How is the DA determined?
  • What are the best tricks to enhance domain authority?

What is the domain authority of a website? 

The domain authority of a site gives a score from 0 to 100 (the higher the better), that attempts to anticipate how well a site will rank on search engines. It isn't equivalent to the positioning score utilized PageRank which can really impact your rankings.

Moz (and other organizations) are attempting to re-enact the Google Algorithms by considering every known factor that can influence rankings, and give a score so that it can be utilized for optimising a website to get a better position on search engines. As it were, the DA relies upon the information Moz has about your web pages which cannot be as precise as what Google thinks about your site. So, there are chances of site ranking high on Google with low domain authority.

How you can determine the domain authority of a website? 

As indicated by Moz, they compute Domain Authority by considering various sign (40 altogether) including:

  • The quantity and quality of external links coming to your site.
  • The quality of content you publish on your website.  
  • Social Signals (the prevalence of your domain on social media platforms)
  • Your site's optimisation  

1.     Off-Page SEO factors 

Link profile is the most significant measurement of all. Sites that have a solid, clean profile will have a higher DA score than sites with a not very great link profile.

A site is said to have a solid link profile when:

  • It has approaching connections from high authority sites
  • Approaching connections are from related sites
  • It doesn't have low-quality links
  • It has links pointing to your site from various unique domain

The way toward improving your connection profile is known as Off-Page optimization done by SEO expert India and it is connected with methods you can use to get links that will improve your rankings.

For business owners looking to create a strong link profile, and improve your DA you will have to:

Expel bad links from your profile 

This procedure includes utilizing a device like Moz Explorer or Semrush to discover the awful links and get rid of it. Contact the site owners and ask them to either remove the link or include the "nofollow" tag to it.

Make existing links strong 

It can be done by adding good links from high authority websites. Link Building is one of the best off-site SEO techniques used in order to create more high authority links from trusted websites on the internet. You can do it by publishing good and high-quality content on your website. This is called natural link building and the hypothesis is that somebody finds your site, read your content; they like it and connect to it from one of their articles.

The other method used by SEO expert India to get links is to contact different website admins and let them realize that you exist.

2. On-Page SEO Optimization 

The next method in improving your domain authority is to take a shot at on-page SEO.

In order to improve your on-page SEO, read the following-

  • Optimised Meta titles and Descriptions
  • Appropriate utilization of Headings (H1 and H2) in your articles and blogs
  • URL structure and SEO enhanced permalinks.
  • Optimise your pictures, and other media components
  • Utilizing key phrases in your content
  • Adding inner links on your content  

It is important to keep in mind that quality content is the greatest positioning element for both on-page and off-page SEO. You must keep your content fresh, informative, and original. 

3. Work on Your Technical SEO 

Technical SEO refers to the audit of your website in order to find out what is stopping the site to get good rankings on search engines. Once you get this right from the earliest starting point, you don't need to manage it again. Then again, in case the technical SEO part of your site isn't right; at that point, this can affect your Domain Authority and rankings not in a positive way.

The basic SEO settings you have to check to include:

  • Register your site with Google Search Console  
  • Make and enhance your XML sitemap and submit it to search engines
  • Consider moving your site to https
  • Add scheme data to help Google comprehend your content

4.     Ensure that your Website is Mobile Friendly 

Having a mobile-friendly site is not an option anymore. Here are a couple of reasons:

  • There are presently more mobile searches.
  • Most people nowadays start their research on their smartphones and afterward proceed on laptops.
  • Responsive web design is a ranking variable of Google.
  • Not having a responsive site negatively affects your Domain Authority Score.

In case your site isn't responsive at this point, the most ideal approach is to check out Google's Mobile-Friendly Test and run the test for your website. It will give you a report with proposals on the most proficient method to make your website responsive.

5. Improve Your Website Speed 

Other important 'signals' of the Google Algorithm is website speed. Site's that is fast, have an extra advantage over more slow sites. Improving your site speed won't just improve your rankings and domain authority however it will make the client experience better and this means more deals, leads, and profit.

It's not in every case simple to handle the page speed issue. There are a ton of specialized components included and if you are not a designer or somebody with specialized learning, it can be difficult.

6. Increase Your Social Signals 

Google has expressed that social sign is not part of the Google ranking factors, but there is an unmistakable connection between websites that rank high on Google and social sign. Promote your content on various social media channels in order to get more social signals. If you don’t, then your content will sit ideal on your website without any exposure. Post links to your content with a small snippet on various social media profiles to encourage likes, comments, and shares.

For more information, contact best SEO expert India.

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