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Best Ways to Integrate Security into Mobile App Development

Best Ways to Integrate Security into Mobile App Development

Friday October 12, 2018,

5 min Read

Over the past few years smartphone users are talking a lot about the security in mobile app development. The large number of businesses nowadays believe that security in mobile applications can be integrated at a later stages, which is the one thing that needs to be discarded right from the word go. 

Security in mobile apps is always considered as secondary and mobile applications development companies in India should consider integrating it in the initial stages. Leaving it for the later stages can lead to a plethora of vulnerabilities and opening the door for hackers to do anything with your app functionality. Because most of the hackers always look for a prey and get all the user information and private data. 

With the increase in hacking activities, there is nothing left for mobile applications development companies in India other than to implement security features that will not only guard the user information but also bring a sense of privacy and safety for the users. Especially those users who are not aware that they are at a risk. 

According to a recent survey, the leak of the information takes place at the application layer, which is often not guarded, which allows hackers to steal the users private information. Furthermore, mobile applications development companies should protect this layer in order to make their mobile app secure.

To avoid such situations companies should implement all the security measures by applying the safeguard on the private data which matters the most. 

In this post, we will talk about some of the smart security methods a mobile app development company in India can implement to protect the user data from unknown hacks. 

Think of Security from Day One  

Mobile app development companies should not wait for the app to get developed. Instead of it they should discuss with their team members about possible risks and vulnerabilities that might hit their mobile app in the future. With early discussion about these topics would help the companies to plan their strategies in a better and impenetrable manner. Moreover, one can easily flag these meetings as early as the initial stages of the project for efficient and effective results. 

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Important Eye Analysis

In order to identify all the bugs and loopholes in the mobile application, it is important for an app development company to hire a person who is not involved with your mobile app project. Because each and every person has a unique quality and when you hire a person who is not part of your mobile app ideas. 

Because they will be able to provide you good feedback regarding your mobile application in a unique way. Plus, they will tell you about all the bugs and errors in your application which would have been ignored by your development team you hired. 

Use of Threat Modelling  

With threat modelling, companies can easily find all the weak areas even before the mobile app is available for users to download. Before launching your mobile app ideas to the public you should find out all the weaknesses of your app as it will give developers and testers a plenty of time to fix the exposed application layer area. Plus, to provide a solid base for the next phases of the mobile application development to follow. 

 Analysis of Risk 

In this stage the final testing of the mobile application is done to make sure that there are no more bugs and errors. Moreover, in this phase mobile app testers have to put their best efforts, to produce a app which is completely free of bugs and errors, and security issues. This stage is also called as quality control check of a mobile application before it is made official to the public. By performing this a company can reduce a great amount of risk which is involved with launch of an application. 

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Follow Industry Standards 

One you have tested your mobile application according to the industry standards guidelines. You should then look whether your mobile app is fully secured to use or not. The app to be made secure for the users is required to go through several tests, which shows a score whether you follow all the guidelines defined in the industry. If the test score is not upto the mark, it means that your application is vulnerable and require changes. 


Due to the increasing growth in the use of mobile apps. Most of the top mobile app development companies are becoming careful and cautious while integrating security features in their app. Moreover, hackers wants your private data for their interest and no one will be surprised when we will see all types of database and accounts being hacked on a regular basis. 

Therefore, the time is high for companies to act to this situation in a smart and effective manner to protect the data of their users and your employees against all the odds. Furthermore, every company have their own desires and by integrating the security in the earlier stages of the app development will make a huge difference between a normal mobile app and secure mobile app.