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Everything you need to know about Android Pay

Everything you need to know about Android Pay

Wednesday August 16, 2017,

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Android Pay was released internationally when it was launched in the United Kingdom (U.K) in May 2016. Since then it’s services are rapidly growing in various countries of the world such as Japan, Singapore, Australia and many more. Now you must be wondering what this Android Pay really do? Well, it is your virtual wallet which can store your credit cards, debit cards, masters etc. It is the updated version of Google Wallet and is called Android Pay now. It has changed the way of android app development.


How does Android Pay work?

Most devices come already loaded with Android Pay. If it is not pre installed then, you can download the Android Pay application from the Google Play. But keep in mind that it is only downloadable in countries which are currently supporting the Android Pay service.

Then the next step is syncing your credit or debit card with the app. Android Pay is very helpful if you are an android app development company as the app is quite futuristic. If you want to add a new card then click a picture of the card via Android Pay app. If you want to use the existing card which is synced with your Google card, you can also accomplish this by confirming just a few more details.

All is set, now you can use Android Pay anytime provided your country is supporting the Android Pay services. To use Android Pay just go to any contactless payment terminal. It can also be used if you have an Android Wear watch if it is version 2.0 and is installed with an NFC chip.


Google – the android app development company first launched Android Pay as a means to do day to day shopping. You can buy any purchasable item(s) from the store and the pay for it via Android Pay. Unlocking your phone in such a situation will authenticate the transaction and then you have to place it near the contactless terminal. Your item will be purchased just like that.

These features are quite new for the android app development so developers should adopt them.One additional feature is also included in Android Pay which lets you pay for items less than 30 £ without even unlocking your phone. The pre requisite is just that your screen should be on. Purchases below the above amount can be done without any authentication. It’s just a tap and go feature.

When you purchase at selected outlets, your offers or points will be automatically redeemed at checkout. Android Pay has also made it’s way into the world of other apps transaction scene. Now you can also “buy with Android Pay” which just lets you through the payment process in just one smooth tap and go option. Day by day more and more apps are incorporating Android Pay in their buying option.

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Google has also collaborated with PayPal. If your device is running on Android version 4.4 or above then you can link PayPal account to your Android Pay account.

Device compatible with Android Pay is those running on KitKat i.e. 4.4 or above. The security terminals within the app ensure fully secured cloud storage of your bank details and money. Android application development company should learn from this feature and implement a better security peripheral for their app. Android Pay uses security tokenization which shares a random 16 digit generated code instead of the account number. So it is nearly impossible to breach the security and hack into any account.

Android Pay is the technology of future where we won’t be needing cards to make purchases. A simple function performed from the mobile is enough. With time it will only get better and more and more countries will be able to avail it’s services.