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4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Colour for Your Logo

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Colour for Your Logo

Tuesday July 02, 2019,

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Color has more influence in our lives than we can imagine. It has the capability of changing our emotions, our mood and also our appetite. Research has proven that humans perform better or heal faster when they are around certain colors. Recent studies have shown that colors can have physical changes as well. Facts such as people cannot become angry when they are surrounded with the color pink. If seen from this perspective, it is clearly proven that how important is the role of colors in our lives and the case is similar when it comes to graphic designs. Besides the effect each colour has on the human psyche, each colour also evokes certain feelings and has its own hidden meaning. It is crucial to choose the right colours for your brand or logo and, by making use of colour psychology, you can say a lot about your company without having to say anything at all.You should higher a graphic designer for your brand logo and also for your branding, We also higher a graphic designer delhi.

Basic colour psychology: Although colours can have different meanings depending on context, here are some basic meanings of everyday colours:

  • Red -Energy, life, vitality
  • White -Purity, cleanliness
  • Black -Authority, power, intelligence
  • Brown -Reliability, stability, friendship
  • Orange -Ambition, happiness, innovation
  • Green -Growth, support, harmony
  • Blue -Dependability, wisdom, calm
  • Yellow -Optimism, creativity, happiness
  • Purple -Sophistication, mystery, respect

Answer the 4 critical questions in order to find the right color for your logo/brand

Who are you?

The actual company behind the logo or brand has a lot to do when you are choosing a color for your logo or brand. Some colors, just like businesses, are inherently more serious than others. A law firm, for instance, has a much more sober persona than a design studio. And while electric green may be the perfect choice for the studio, it may not even be considered as an option for a law firm.


What do you want to say?

Your company's motive and mission statement significantly affects your decision of choosing the suitable color scheme. Your company's brand promise and personality also plays a significant part in arriving at a suitable colour scheme. Knowing what message you want to bring across will help you in your colour choices.

Who are you talking to?

Identifying your target market is essential for choosing the right type of colors for your logo or brand. Certain groups identify easier with certain colours than others. A perfect example of this would be toys, it is easy to differentiate between the toys which are for boys apart from the ones which are specifically for girls, just by looking at the color. A pink colored toy would never be made for boys and vice versa.


Make sure you consider your target market when choosing a colour scheme for your brand or logo.

Where are you?

Your geographical location is also an important factor when it comes to finalizing the color for your brand or logo because different cultures give different meanings to colours. For instance, white is a symbol for peace and purity in the western world where as it is a color of mourning in the eastern culture, so you have to be careful and do your research before finalizing a color for your brand or logo. By answering these questions, your graphic designer can help you choose the right colours so your brand can communicate successfully. Graphic design courses deliver more businesses are now capitalizing on many significant variables that impact buyers ' decision-making processes. These variables include the colors used together with the smart design of the logo.