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The most popular software outsourcing trends

Best software development outsourcing trends in 2018

The most popular software outsourcing trends

Thursday December 07, 2017,

3 min Read

Software Outsourcing Trends

Software Outsourcing Trends

This year in 2017, we can see many changes in outsourcing services of the organization. Nothing can be static in this world. As the world is coming to a different state, The European

and American countries may undertake many changes. In a comparison of the previous year, large organizations have spent increase up to 2.5% on outsourcing. For the medium size organization, this rate is approx 1.8%. These number shows that IT companies are focusing on outsourcing more than in-house development. The reason is, outsourcing helps software companies to get their product faster at the reasonable rate.

In the current scenario, IT industry will have to face many challenges due to improvement in technology. Today, developers are producing many inventive ideas that may change the world completely. That’s why the use of robotics process, cloud computing, and automation became essential to grow the trend of outsourcing.

Outsourcing will continue to rise in 2018 as well. So, let’s have quick look at top 5 outsourcing trends.

1. Cloud Computing: Each tech savvy company trying to switch on this technology to expand their business. Thus, we can consider it as an important aspect. The main advantage of cloud computing is that it can manage all the division among labor very perfectly. It helps in enhancing the productivity of the company. It can manage the work that is divided into each worker situated at different places. Thus, it helps to handle the dependency on any particular set of employees of the company.

2. Automation: To increase the productivity and efficiency, IT companies have started working with automation technology. It helps them to work more with less manpower. The main reason to switch is, companies want to enlarge their business with more profit.

3. Application Development: If we compare the rate of application downloads of 2015 with 2017 then it is increased up to 86 billion. It shows that more than 30% companies are finding their success with outsourcing application development. Therefore, application development plan is another trend to increase the amount of work by outsourcing companies.

4. Greater importance to security: Nowadays the number of hackers is increasing. So, the organizations need to be more active and advance in terms of security. It department is giving more and more efforts to increase the security of data so they can block the third party interference.

5. IoT: Statistic shows that customer want more connected and smartphone devices which are exploring the world of Internet things. Global spending on IoT is increased a lot during last 4 years. Therefore, IoT is also a major focused trend for software outsourcing.

Software Outsourcing

Software Outsourcing

Conclusion: At the end, we can say that as the technology is getting developed day by day, the world is going to face big changes in coming years. As we are going towards the year of 2018, the outsourcing rate will also increase. Because in the current scenario businesses are investing into the big projects like AI and IoT where the outsourcing of that project to experienced professional became an essential.