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The growing market of Ebooks

The growing market of Ebooks

Friday December 02, 2016,

4 min Read


Reading printed books over an e-book feels authentic and real, the way pages flip and smell. The copper-ish tint shadowing the pages feels aesthetically appealing and vintage—rusty, I mean figuratively. However, storage and transport of books have always been an issue, especially while I was in college. Ebooks are put into a system—and in hundreds and thousands, so accessing those resourceful books from one system (Tablet or phone) becomes comfortable. 

And, on top of that, Tablets allow you to bookmark, highlight, makes notes, search for words—so easy that it somehow convinces you to go for an ebook—if you are an avid reader, of course.

Ebooks,simply put, are the electronic version of books that you can read on your smartphones, tablets, laptop, computers or any other reading device that you have. It doesn’t come as a surprise that youngsters form the major portion of the readers who prefer to read digital version of the book. They are getting addicted to digitized versions of both fiction and non-fiction novels and short stories everyday, and more so even as we speak. In India, technology has also advanced enough for comfortable reading of ebooks in any devices. The Ebook industry in India is seeing a massive growth.

Although a reader and a writer has a great appreciation for the printed copies of the book, especially the hard bound ones there are various benefits of having an Ebook. And because of these distinct benefits, the demand for Ebooks is rapidly increasing.

One of the obvious reasons is Ebooks are easy to obtain now a days. It is very simple and easy to purchase and download Ebooks through the Internet. They are available in free as well as paid form. Rather than going to the store to buy a book or waiting for it to be delivered at your home or office, you can purchase and download it and start reading it within minutes.

We can agree that carrying more than two printed books is not so convenient. This is when readers prefer to have Ebooks than physical copies. One can carry a great number of Ebooks wherever he goes, which one cannot do with ordinary books.

One of the most significant factors affecting the growth of the eBook market in India is the huge increase in smartphones, tablet and e-readers. Ebooks have also proved helpful for students.The study material that they need is available to them in an affordable and informative way.

A lot of self-publishing authors are publishing their work in the form of an Ebook. This again has also given a boost to the rise of Ebook sales. An Ebook is much more affordable than the physical copy, which makes it easy for people to carry anywhere they would want to. Sometimes, for avid readers buying books one after another is not possible. Therefore, this means that they would have to resort to buying ebooks eventually,as they are cheaper in comparison.

Carrying books while travelling or at home takes so much of space and adds on the weight making it difficult to carry it, especially in long distance. So instead of a library that takes up too much space in your room, you could have it all downloaded into your PC or laptop or tablets or even mobile phones. Hence, it is clear that carrying books is easy with ebooks as you can load up more than 10000 books easily in any pocket-sized phone, although reading on a tablet would be way better.

While still not quite as popular as printed books, Ebooks are still popular and most age groups are reading them more and more throughout the years.

Therfore, although I prefer reading from the physical print, ebook is definitely a way to go if your read a hell of books. 

Author - Abhijit Kanel