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Where Did You Find True Love?

Don't rush to find love even don't expect to find it ! because true love will find you itself. But If you are still waiting, then don't loose hope. Here are some places where couple meet love of their life.

Thursday October 27, 2016,

3 min Read

It is truly said that you don't look out for love, it is the love that seeks you and hit you up in ways you least expected. One moment you are young, wild, free and the other moment, you find it hard to even imagine how you managed to live without them so far. From the traditional ways to the contemporary dot com affairs, with every silo you uncover you will find stories worth making chick flicks on. Here, we have compiled a few places where couples usually meet the love of their life. Remember, how you met your darling and think of the good times. If you are still waiting for the one, then don't lose hope and gear up, she might be looking for someone like you at one of these places.

Old School Love

Remember, how your day seemed wasted when you didn’t see them around? From homework, punishments to those crazy bunks, all the shenanigans you shared doesn’t end even after getting tied in the seven holy vows. There’s something different about your high school love, it is a bit more pure, selfless and warm.

Office Romance

You don’t know when those stolen glances from your cubicle turn into a promise for a lifetime. The majority of people find their true soul-mate in their colleague at the workplace. The sight of their smile makes the workload seems a lot less and you have their support during all your highs and lows at the office.

Party Poppers

Crashing into the same person every time you hit the bar? The party poppers get along like no one else! Idea of finding the love of your life in a dim-lighted pub reminds me of one of those Hollywood movies; Well, we all know how inspired are the movies from the real life stories, *wink*.

As You Say, Momma

When all else fails, there is an arranged marriage waiting for you. The concept of Arranged Marriage is delicately beautiful. Finding the love of your life in a person your parents selected for you is confining yet pleasing. There are many who meet the love of their life through the concept of arranged marriages.

Dot Com Love

Hail the myriad of Matrimonial Sites that help thousands of people to find their soul-mate at a few clicks, taps or swipes. The culture has grown so much that it has now become a trend to have your profile on one of those matrimonial sites in order to find your mate. How two individuals brought together by an online platform become soul-mate for life is absolutely magical.

Met By Chance

The thought of finding your love on a dreary daily commute itself seems so fresh and makes your heart soar. I know that the chances are usually rare, but the miracles do happen and you find the love of your life at a completely hopeless place. It takes just a few years and the exchange of glances on your regular commute, turn into words, and words become vows. There is a risk of attracting a psycho stalker to your way, but then love is a gamble you have to play.

The list goes on and on, these are just a few places where “couples of today” met “in their past” but that doesn’t dim your probability of finding your true love or soul mate somewhere no one ever expected. Love comes in circles and it takes its own time, he/she might be walking the same road with you right now; when the right time comes you will see.