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SAP success factors professional certification level: What it means for customers and consultants

Monday April 16, 2018,

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SAP SuccessFactors Professional certification will be an evaluation of your project based knowledge. Basically, it a gold standard of certifications and establishes the fact that the candidate has unmatched and unrivaled technical and practical proficiency. This profile comes with the through SAP training that a candidate goes through while pursuing the certification.

Offered on two levels, this certification from a reputed institute is what that you would be requiring to gain an edge over others. Those who are entry-level professional should go for Associate Certification while the expected ones should opt for Professional Certification.

Now let ponder over what value does this advanced level of SAP certification hold for the candidate, the recruitment consultant and the industry?

It substantiates the expertise of the candidate

No matter how advanced an expertise you have, you need to have a valid proof to authenticate it. You can’t simply mention that you can handle the cloud security issues and fix any loophole in your resume. You have to demonstrate it which is not possible in every case. This is where an SAP Success Factors Professional Certification comes into the picture.

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The single mention of this SAP certification gives most count on proof of your abilities. It shows your potential is the employer and helps them to consider and hire the right candidate, in this case, you, for the project. This certification lets your recruitment consultant know you are trained, and will be a better fit for a open position, than the other candidates on the list. This SAP certification makes a consultant or the end-consumer, which out here is the employer, favor you over others.

It adds weight to your regular SAP certification

There is no second guessing that SAP certification is one of the most reliable and worthy certifications for any IT professional. Those who have done it are enjoying the high demand and the prestige associated with it. The same worthy certificate becomes an added advantage when a professional goes for SAP SuccessFactors Professional Certification.

The SAP is actually vetting the professional from its already-potent brigade of certified professionals. The knowledge and expertise gained adds more value to the employee and the organization who hires the employee. By doing so, SAP is actually increasing its viability in the real-time world.

Trusting over the consultant becomes easier for the consumers

When a employee flaunts the worthy mention of SAP SuccessFactors Professional Certification in the portfolio it directly points to the enhanced capabilities. It means the candidate possess the vast and varied expertise required in the real marketplace. You can easily build trust over the capabilities to handle your project as per the need and demand of your employers and clients.

It will reduce the risk

Everything including your project comes with some risk involved with it. The risk of proper and timely completion, the risk of investment and so on, all are associated when you have to accomplish a project on your own. The SAP SuccessFactors Professional Certification reduces all these risks to a major extent. If the associated with a good consultant, they will know you as a highly qualified professional and get you appointments and interviews accordingly. It increases the chances of successful completion of your project.

So, why waste time? If you have already earned an SAP certification and SAP training, it is time to go validate your skills with an SAP Success Factors Professional Certification. Let the consultants and potential employers know you have the potential to deliver projects to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

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