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Rural Bharat -Providing diverse domain to young entrepreneur and professional

...a place where sky is the limit and immense satisfaction is the pride result 

Rural Bharat -Providing diverse domain to  young entrepreneur and professional

Friday February 24, 2017,

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Young professional and entrepreneurs are trending into the rural sectors in search of their progressive career. Working in the rural areas has its advantages which provides immense satisfaction to the nature of work persued and lots of opportunities at the same time. It does not only develops growth in their social nature but takes their success to a height of extreme appreciation along with the stakeholders they work with .

Vijay Rai, who is a young professional is working for the rural upliftment, livelihood generation, skill development and sustainable growth in the region of Telangana and Rajasthan. These places are usually water scarce and draught prone. People in the region suffers from crop failure and acute financial loss. Here people have time but they do not have sufficient supplimentary means to utilise their time to earn their livelihood. 

During his graduation in agriculture science from AAI-DU he developed his closeness to work for rural people by living in rural areas. His higher education in New Delhi at of the renowned Environmental University i.e. TERI University where he came to learn about the core importance of water in a country like India where people heart and soul lives in rural india has given him a focussed subject to lay down his career by opting to work for Rural Development.

Vijay Rai with village people

Vijay Rai with village people

This young entrepreneur is motivating people and counselling them to take up additional activities like goat/sheep farming, dairy farming, adopting minor irrigation, water conservation and watershed management, farm mechanisation, solar energy, Hi-Tech and sustainable agriculture etc. He is an agriculture graduate and environmentalist and a professional banker. He is utilising each and every stone un-turn to capitalize and utilise all opportunities to work for the betterment of people in this region and has become an example for others who wants to take up their career in rural sector.

In his short span of career of six years he has learned and worked with institutions like Jain Irrigations, Coca Cola, PHED Dept Rajasthan, Ramky Group of Companies, ACC Cements, SEARCH Foundation, Agriculture Dept Bihar, IERSD Patna and Syndicate Bank. His journey is an inspirational journey for lots of like minded people and this journey will continue to inspire lots more. ..