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Ways How Can you be a Best Contemporary Choreographer

Contemporary dance focuses on the freedom of expression via dance movements. Whether you are in a good mood or bad mood, you can reflect your mood via contemporary dancing.

Ways How Can you be a Best Contemporary Choreographer

Tuesday October 10, 2017,

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Contemporary dance came into existence in the beginning of 1990s and has gained a lot of popularity over last many years. Because this dance form is beyond any strict traditional rules, therefore, people nowadays have started preferring contemporary dance form over any other dance form in India. Contemporary dance focuses on the freedom of expression via dance movements. Whether you are in a good mood or bad mood, you can reflect your mood via contemporary dancing. If you are a passionate dancer and you want your emotions to speak louder than words, then contemporary dance is a right kind of dance for you. But do you know the way to become a choreographer? If no, then read this useful blog to learn the different ways to become a best contemporary choreographer.

best contemporary choreographer

best contemporary choreographer

Here are some of the different ways how can you become a best contemporary choreographer:

i) Enrolling for contemporary dance classes:

If you are a beginner in dancing, make sure to look for the contemporary dance classes for a beginner level. Start looking for a dance school that is within your reach and suits your budget. Before enrolling for contemporary dance classes, make sure to ask for a demo or trial class so as to finalize whether you should avail classes from them or not.

ii) Stretch your body on the regular basis:

To perform contemporary dance, it is essential for your body to be flexible enough to jump, bend, and to do leaps. Therefore, you need to do stretch exercises on the daily basis that can help you in keeping your body fit and flexible.

iii) Practicing at dance class alone is not enough:

You may not get enough time at dance class for practicing the dance moves you learn there. Therefore, practicing dance moves at dance class alone is not at all enough, you need to practice the dance moves after coming back from the dance classes at your home as well.

iv) Practice Yoga for enhancing abilities:

Yoga can help your body in enhancing its flexibility. To become a best contemporary choreographer, you require controlling your dance movements in a very careful manner. Therefore, practicing Yoga can be helpful in enhancing the abilities of your body to perform the dance moves very neatly.

v) Focusing on strengthening core muscles:

When it comes to the traditional dance forms, your leg movements matter a lot. But in contemporary dance form, you need to focus on the dance movements made via torso area of your body. This is the reason why focusing on strengthening core muscles matter a lot. Some of the core stretching exercises are side crunches, planks, and side planks. Either get training at the gym or watch the online tutorials to learn to do these exercises.

vi) Working on coordination and rhythm:

Whenever you decide to practice the contemporary dancing, make sure to practice it on the music you like the most. Practicing on the good music is necessary so to make sure whether you are coordinated well with rhythm or not. Don’t restrict yourself to one type of genre, keep practicing on different genres to become a versatile contemporary choreographer.

vii) Explore yourself and attend auditions:

Once you complete your dance training course, you need to attend different dance auditions to ensure your abilities. There is no doubt that you may not be able to achieve success in the first attempt and you may go through several failures, but don’t feel disappointed and keep trying your best.

If your dream is to stand among the best choreographers in India, you need to follow the tips and ways discussed above that are really helpful in enhancing your skills and talent.

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