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Datsun Go-Cross Review

The concept of Datsun Go-Cross brings the sensation of new stylist and adventurous.

Datsun Go-Cross Review

Sunday January 15, 2017,

4 min Read

Datsun has launched the new type of car name crossover. The concept of this car is brings the fun sensation combined with excited and adventure atmosphere. This car is made specifically to meet the needing and the preferences of the new drivers who are ambitious, young and full of enthusiastic, and pleasure to get the dream and the better stage in life. This car is designed for young people who have the hug desire in freedom and the opened chance to have the private car. This car is described the personality and the hope with the lifestyle. Datsun Go-Cross comes with the style which is full of thrill and adventurous. Datsun Go-Cross is applicable to do the daily routines and it is full of energy to use in vacation and trip in long distance. It is also able to drive is rural areas with this vehicle. This vehicle is combining the modern element and typical design of Datsun. More than that, the Datsun Go-Cross is coming with the MPV type with the three rows. It is similar with Datsun Go+. So, the Datsun Go-Cross is creating the design which is suitable for the market in the world with the best price. This car is design by the highly dedicated team of Datsun in Japan. It is predicted that Datsun Go-Cross will exceed the existence of the Datsun Go+ although it is designed with the same platform.

The style

The grille D-Cut familiar Datsun is larger, challenging, and expressive. In addition, the position is put in the upward in the edge of the bonnet and added with the higher plated with black chrome. Another unique feature in this vehicle is the LED tail-lights and the LED headlights. It used the high technology and the front and back size in the car. The size of the bonnet gives the strong and aggressive impression it is suitable with the crossover style. It is reinforced with the other fender 4x4 feature and the extensive cladding body. The cladding is put in the position to the bottom of both sides of the car. It is including the under body guards which is under the safety car and at the bottom of the front grille. The cladding can be put in the tailgate at the back side.

The exterior design

This car is not intended as the four-wheel car but it has the high ground clearance like the Datsun Go+. It is capable to touch the terrain which is tough. It is highlighted that the alloy wheels has the size five-finger with size 17 inch and the under-safety car is reinforced the impression of classic and tough. This car is more powerful because the half in the upper side is boasting more dynamic design with the arch which is also be found in the side windows. It gives the silhouette impression which make the car looks balance in beauty. The features are practical. It is integrated with the roof rack which is integrated with the roof of the car. The decoration of the car roof is graphic with the pattern which is inspired from the logo of Datsun. The design of Datsun Go-Cross is coming with the color of striking yellow. It is inspired by the nature, the sunrise and the bright color of the flowers.


There is a relief space for families and friends traveling together. The storage space bag or suitcase multiply with the extra space offered on the roof rack. On the other hand, higher ground clearance and a dashing exterior cladding reflect its ability to travel the roads in urban and rural areas. The front engine uses the three cylinder of petrol with 1.2 liter and it is offered the diesel engine.