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The 78 steps to finding ME

Tarot For U, is the journey of 18 years to an established name..

The 78 steps to finding ME

Thursday August 31, 2017,

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The Strongest factor for success is self - esteem :Believing you can do it, Believing you deserve it, and believing you will get it .

My journey with cards started 18 years ago,when i was in my final semester of MBA. I took up tarot as an interesting option and hobby.As time went by I only seemed to get attached to the vibrant and colourful deck of 78 cards.

I started my journey with learning to interpret the cards in 2000 and in 2001 I was christened a tarot reader. A new chapter of my life unfolded with this new hobby of mine. In spite of being a Bachelors in Hotel Management and an MBA in marketing & HR with a 12 plus years of work ex,I moved away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate life to a quiet corner for myself.


It was a very big decision to make for myself to move away from a big pay check to an indefinite income.All through my work life career i had tarot along side my work,which only surfaced during weekends and hibernated during weekdays. The passion to be with the cards was larger than the lure of the pay check.

While i kept bettering my skill to read and get perfect with my analysis, I also picked up other modalities along the way namely ColourTheraphy, so am a certified colour therapist, Vaastu Consultant, Numerologist,Switchwords, Runes, Healing Through Art, Doodles, Hand Writing Analysis, Zibu Symbols,Dreams Awareness & Interpretations, Money Workshop and other unique Whatsapp workshops etc.I have been certified from many masters and institutes as well. Every time I invest myself in acquiring a new knowledge , I am in turn complimenting my own reading and analyzing skill. Do you know what has kept me going through these long difficult years,is the love and the encouraging testimonials from my various clients.

Its a colourful deck of 78 cards, that is a divinition tool.

Its a colourful deck of 78 cards, that is a divinition tool.

My passion and dedication for tarot cards was always limitless and the science associated with it has never ceased to enchant me. Learning more about tarot cards,and eventually growing in the process,I turned out to be a perfect professional in the field of serving clientele including who's who of business, media fraternity , corporate houses, to housewives ,students and anyone who seeks her guidance.

Climbing up the ladder of success i made partners with the big brands like JW Marriott, Renaissance, Oakwood, Out of the Blue - Powai ,where i facilitated in house tarot reading. Apart from these hotel chains, I also associated with corporate like Future Group ( Pantaloon ), DLF, ORRA, Lavasa, L&T Reality to name a few.

For the last 3 years in a row,i have been fortunate to be associated with the ELLE Carnival,held in Mumbai every year to raise funds for the treatment of breast cancer patients and have been written about in their magazines.

The year 2016, was the golden year for me, and was very rewarding for me and my passion,where i saw my work being acknowledged and I being Awarded Grand Master in Tarot Prediction by Inspire where I was facilitated by Divya Dutta in NSCI Club Worli in November.A fortnight later, I was once again accredited with a WOW Personality Awards, which is Winners of Worthiness in Excellence in Tarot.Its been a very rewarding experience and a beautiful journey till here.

Along side tarot, I regularly host educational workshops on whatsapp ranging from colour therapy, to doodles, to vaastu, to many unique workshops, and imparting valuable information and knowledge to all the attendees at schools,corporate hubs,nature camps, social meets and other venue.

Adding more feather to the cap, I often get invited to various talk events, like the Storified to address the women entrepreneurs and at One with Nature - Beyond Academics to speak on "Colour Psychology and Vaastu with Children." Among her other achievements are Shop for a cause - Council for Cancer Care Event, Hauthautee, Mumbai Book Fair Exhibitions,and Participated in the Great Indian Wedding at the Melhua,Powai. This is not all , I regularly conduct tarot learning classes and spread the knowledge who wish to delve and dive down to this enchanting mystic world.

Its been a beautiful journey, touching and transforming lives of people.