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How Married Couples are the Best Co-Founders

How Married Couples are the Best Co-Founders

Friday February 10, 2017,

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Latika's Wedding Pic

Latika's Wedding Pic

The journey of entrepreneurship is not less than Lights! Camera and Action wherein every morning you tend to get up with new imagination in your mind and finally ends up into playing so many roles throughout the day.

As an entrepreneur there is a lot of intermingling between my professional and personal life. Though we all are tend to taught that keeping your personal and professional lives separate can be a successful mantra but when it comes to working together with your partner as Co-Founder, going unconventional is what the successful mantra is all about.

The main strength of my professional life is my husband who like me is undergoing the untrodden path of entrepreneurship. Had he not been to my side in this one year of our married life my journey would have been a roller coaster one.

Same Work Schedule with Same End Goal

Being an entrepreneur there is no fixed office hours for you as you have to manage a lot of roles , get the tasks done before the deadlines, look after the funds, etc and working at 3:00 am at night is simply a normal norm for you especially when you are having two start-ups going hand in hand. In my case, both me and my husband being the co-founders in our ventures stay late at night giving each other the company over the coffee and ginger tea that both of us love to have while discussing and helping each other in getting the goal achieved.

Sometimes I imagine if I was married to someone who use to have a different work schedule than mine life would have been very difficult to manage.

Leisure Time Together is like a Mentoring Session For Both of Us

Everyday while going for the evening walk which we make sure to follow as a routine to relax our energies we keep on discussing upon the new ideas that will help us enhance our startup, how we can actually work on our marketing as he is more into technical and Digital Media while I provide suggestions over communication. The evening walks are more like mentoring session for us which boosts our confidence.

Sharing the Good, Bad and Ugly Together

As Entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses both of us face our set of challenges and during that time more than having a shoulder to cry on you need someone who can fully understand and support you and say not all days are sunny and today was just a rough rainy day but tomorrow will be much more brighter.

In our case both of us act as a support system for each other who completely understand that it is fine that if something you were trying to do with so much of hard work and efforts gets failed.

Enjoying the same passions and dreams

What is the best thing that both of you as a married couple as well as the Co-Founder cherish are the same passions and aspirations to make your venture an awesome one. During the process no matter what the challenges are both of us ride the mountain together climbing hand in hand.

So, as individuals we do have different perspectives and opinions over things but when it comes to working together we tend to compliment each other in our own set of tasks and responsibilities. As Co-Founders we are more like a sugar and milk that will ultimately add a good taste to the tea which in our case is our venture Mompreneur Circle (1,00,000+ community of married women and mothers who are running their ventures successfully) and Connecting Startups ( a 50,000 + community of Startup Founders, Startup Buddies, Evangelists, Investors, Startup Employees.